Tuesday, November 29, 2022

November OPAM and sign ups for FnwFs

Today our town had the honor of being the hottest in the state, 41 deg Celsius, thankfully I went for a beautiful dip this morning before hiding in the air conditioned "Cave" 

The first thing I wanted to do was get some binding ready for three quilts.

Lacy definitely wasn't any help.

All done ready to sew on. 

first was the Paint Chip Challenge quilt. Now ready to reveal on Thursday at our Patch's Christmas dinner.

Next was a quilt I've put together after finding it half completed when tiding up some draws in the "Cave" 

It is the first finish  OPAM.

I would like to say a huge thank you to KRIS who has organised us to get at least one finish each month for many years after taking over after both Peg and her started OPAM . I've really enjoyed joining in ...

The next finishes this month is four Santa Sacks to send to Jan Mac who donates to foster kids and those who need some extra love.

As it will be the first Friday of the month this week and last one for the year it's time to join in with Cheryll  (even though she's off on the high seas) for FnwFs
I'm sure you have some last minute sewing to do before Christmas so please join in. You can join in  HERE

Must away now and pop on the kettle.

Happy Stitching 

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Omg Maria, 40+ is so hot. I am not ready for that. I feel like spring hasn’t even started and we are now in summer. Hope you get to go for your daily dip. You have been busy with the sewing you have been doing. Have a great day.

  2. I know it's hot for you but I do love seeing sunshine and the sea and flowers blooming while we are shoveling snow!

  3. That's rather hot. The cave sounds like a good place to be in those temperatures.

  4. No better way to spend a hot day....a dip in the ocean followed by sewing in air con. Nice work on the Santa sacks.

  5. Nice finishes and Santa Sacks are always fun. Luckily I've finished up my Christmas gift stitching already, so no pressure on me.

  6. Looking forward to seeing the final paint chip quilt and I love the one you found to finish when doing a clean up.... well done... cute Santa Sacks too....

  7. Yuk what horrible temperatures. :( Look forward to seeing the paintchip quilt. Lovely quilt & cute Santa sacks.

  8. That is hot. Nelson did say it was "stinking hot" over there! Lovely finishes Maria. I had missed Kris' post about the end of OPAM as I'm so far behind in my blog reading. She did keep us inspired. I'm sure Lacy thought she was helping. xx

  9. That is too hot, I wish I could send you some cool air from here. We have snow and minus degrees. - Pretty quilt finish and sweet Santa sacks for children.

  10. Nice finishes Maria. Ha! 6 degrees and horrible fog here all day yesterday- enjoy your sunshine. xx

  11. Goodness that is hot! Glad you have a cool cave to go to! Love your finishes! Hugs Christine xx

  12. That heat sounds really good right now! You completed the last OPAM in grand style. The bags are darling too.

  13. Nice to read you are able to go for a bob!! Great bags and quilt finish.

  14. A very productive month. Of course Lacy has to help


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