Thursday, October 6, 2022

FnwFs sign up......

I can't seem to settle on one project right now, as you can see from the Cave,  it's the perfect time to sign up with Cheryll and work on some of the projects . 

It would be great if you could sign up to join Cheryll and others for FnwFs HERE too.

Now I must away and tidy the "Cave" ready to get an early start tomorrow.

Hugs  Maria. ❤


  1. Sometimes we are spoiled for choice. I'm sure you made a decision and I'm looking forward to seeing what you did on Friday night.

  2. Hmmm you Cave looks like mine esp. with me going through the scrap bags just now for the table runner. And I do have a few other projects in slings as well. Anyway, Happy Stitching!

  3. Your Cave looks pretty tidy compared with mine!!

  4. There are always so many projects to tackle. Mine room looks so similar.

  5. My room looks like that and sometimes more chaotic, can't be creative and tidy too!!


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