Thursday, May 30, 2019

It's That Time Again

to post our finishes for OPAM with the wonderful KRIS who keeps us on track each month....Thanks heaps as I know you're a very busy lady...

Some time ago I bought a Panel of four   "Bear Families"  which I have made into four Quilts Of Love.....

also made four Chalk Fabric Rolls

and  I completed my No 5 UFO challenge with the Sunday Stitchers ,

An armchair caddy designed by Helen Stubbings from Hugs n Kisses....

which I gifted to my DD who had a surprise gift for me too!

It's a lovely bright rope basket which she made from bits of scrap of binding she'd saved.... DD had bought the rope when we visited the Craft Fair many years ago to make me a basket.
                                   " They say all good things come to those that wait" LOL.
Thank You Sandra I love it......😘..

This weekend I am going to Party with my blogging buddy and virtual friends sew

I must away to organise " The Cave" ready to just sew........

Happy Stitching

Hugs  Maria   😊


  1. You're always so busy. Your four quilts are so nice and will be appreciated. I love your caddy and the chalk mats, but Sandra's basket is fabulous.

  2. You always have a bunch of lovely items to share with us. Enjoy your "party" weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you achieve.

  3. well done with all those finishes... lovely to do those little quilts and the chalk rolls are great... I love the caddy - so pretty and the rope bag is great... it will be so useful too.... enjoy your party!!

  4. beautiful finishes and a wonderful gift from DD!

  5. Very nice finishes! I think I have made a caddy using the same pattern, and I have thought of making a rope basket ...

  6. All such pretty and useful finishes and gifts--
    way to go--
    love love that rope basket--I need to make one like that for my knitting basket--
    but with no machine right now--guess it will have to wait until I get back to Fl one of these days!!!!
    enjoy, luv, di

  7. Lots of gorgeous finishes to admire and how lovely of your daughter to make you that rope basket. I have seem projects made with rope but it seems such a difficult thing to do.

  8. The caddy looks great and what a lovely surprise from your many wonderful finishes, inspiring.

  9. Great projects. Happy sewing this weekend. Is the basket made with fabric strips cut on the bias and what width.

  10. You have some lovely finishes Maria and have been very busy xx

  11. Oooh your caddy is so pretty!! I love those chalk roll ups too - did you use a pattern? xx

  12. Love the chalk roll ups, have not seen them before! You and your daughter have made some wonderful projects, the bag is great! The little bear quilts are very cute. Enjoy your sewing weekend.

  13. I love those rope baskets. There is a lady here in town that makes them and there is a lot of work that goes into them. There are beautiful!!!! The chook in the middle reminds me of Heather the feather. lol lol. Love all your creations. Have a gorgeous weekend sweetie pie. x


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