Sunday, June 2, 2019

Partying and BloOmS ( long post )

this weekend is the Chookshed's Birthday and while Chooky is sewing along with some friends she's invited us to join in the Party virally.... Perfect as Hubby is off to a motocross event for two days.

Sew on Friday I got out my BlooM BlockS and sewed the last two, 

added them to the last row 

and at midnight it was time for bed.....

Up early yesterday and into the Cave after brekky for a few hours before meeting my friend for coffee and a wonder around the markets....
When I got home I was happy to party again in The Cave and sewed all my BlooM Rows together. Not sure if I want to put a small white border and than another larger one to make bigger ?????? 

Then onto some secret sewing, but when I went to check something online I had NO internet....Then spent most of the afternoon on the phone, NOT happy Jane but thankfully problem solved..

Decided a walk along the foreshore with Lacy was a good idea to clear my head.....

Not sure if it's a walk or run with her.... but pleased we went because just look at the beautiful Sunset.....

Home to get myself some dinner and watch the final episode of  "The Midwife"  ( I always cry in that show ) and more sewing..
This time I decided to work on my No 11 UFO challenge  " My Small World " that I'm doing with the Sunday Stitchers....

The first sections are sewn together , Two
Three and Four need a few more 1 1/2" blocks sewn onto the top , then it's just sections five ,six and seven to work on...

Slowly getting there Fiona !!

Must away and do some domestics before hubby returns and maybe later I can sew some more 1 1/2" blocks.......

Happy Stitching

Hugs  Maria  😊


  1. What perfect timing to have DH away for the weekend...Love the My Small World - maybe next year...Blooms is looking great - with or without birder - guess it depends on how big you want it to be.

  2. Fantastic to get alone time for a sewing weekend....your Blooms look terrific, great work with the "Small World" stitching....well done.

  3. You made great use of your time. Your Bloom is just gorgeous! Happy UFO stitching. Beautiful sunset xx

  4. Hooray for your Bloom! It looks lovely. The border is a question I've been wondering about, too.

    Beautiful sunset! You picked a good time for that walk on the beach.

  5. Great work.
    A walk is always good for the head.

  6. The Bloom quilt looks pretty with all the blocks together. With two nice borders you can easily make the quilt bigger if needed. - Call the Midwife is on out TV too, we are on the last episode of the series. Always very touching!

  7. Love that birthday greeting with the chooks!!!
    and so many projects to work on and enjoy--all are looking like they are coming right along nicely--
    the best one--being that sunset photo--how neat that is!!!
    luv, di

  8. Your bloom blocks are all so pretty! :0)

  9. Your blooms look great altogether. Sounds like you had the perfect stitchy weekend(apart from the wifi problem!)xx

  10. Oh well done with the weekend's sewing! What a shame the internet played up and distracted you for a while. In spite of it though you seemed to get heaps done. I love your Blooms blocks - it's going to be a lovely quilt. Your Small World looks like a fun project - it looks like it is growing well. Gorgeous sunset photo.

  11. You really got a lot accomplished while DH was gone. Too bad it also involved phone calls and techs stuff. I think the walk was a great idea. Your Bloom blocks look wonderful and I love your Small World. That’s going to be such a fun quilt.

  12. Your bloom quilt is looking gOrgeOus ... yes we are nearing the end of it so I thank you for sewing along with me.
    Chookyblue’s party helped keep you up with some other projects was a shame tech stuff got in the way.

  13. Perfect weekend for your DH to be busy elsewhere. Love your Bloom blocks they have seemed to some together quickly! Always to go,for a walk/run with the furry child, beautiful sunsetting there. Your Small World is coming along well too.

  14. oh wow you did get lots done... I love your blooms and like your idea for the borders. MSW is looking magnifico… well done.... its going to be great.... I also cry in Call the Midwife... every episode!! haha

  15. your small world is coming along nicely! and I love your blooms, I think a white border would set it off beautifully

  16. love your bloom blocks they are so gorgeous and the colours look great.
    Your small world top looks amazing...
    Noticed Lacy wearing a harness, do you find it easier to walk her with it?

  17. have a lot of different projects on the go! You are prolific!!!

  18. Maria, your Bloom blocks really look fantastic! I kind of got stuck on mine since I'm Publicity for our upcoming quilt show which is this coming weekend. I've got a quilt I'm working very hard on with the quilting so it can hang with the others. Maybe next party I'll have something to show ....

  19. Your Blooms are looking gorgeous, Maria. Molly and Rex send woofy hugs to Lacy! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Christine xx

  20. Such beautiful projects! I love the scrappiness of them.

  21. Such a beautiful view on your walk; and the Bloom quilt is looking so bright. Looks like you had a great weekend x


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