Saturday, May 18, 2019

BlooMerS ParTy

Had a lovely time this afternoon sewing my blocks for the BlooMerS ParTy over at Cheryll's Place ....

Made Blocks 17 and 18.....Only two more and then sew the blocks together....Thanks Cheryll for having our linky party each fortnight.. Great to see what others have sewn too...

There is also some other BlooMs at my place..... My nasty cactus "Horrible" has been producing a lovely display over the past few days.

Sadly the flowers only last a few days and now he just has prickly spikes......

Must away and get the washing in .......

                                                        Happy Stitching

                                                           Hugz  Maria  😄


  1. Beautiful quilt blooms, and fantastic cactus blooms! How amazing that a prickly character like that has such stunning flowers.

  2. very pretty blocks
    what amazing cactus flowers, shame they are so short lived...

  3. I love seeing your bloomers blocks come together. Pretty cactus too

  4. The blooms are all gorgeous. That is a NASTY looking cactus with those thorns, but the blooms are just gorgeous.

    Your sewn BlooMs are so pretty too. Just two more!!!! That is going to be such a lovely quilt.

  5. Pretty cactus flowers but oh, those spikes! They would be too much for me, I think.

  6. Im always amazed at prickly unfriendly cactus's having such pretty flowers...

  7. ALL your BLooMs are very pretty... but I like that 1 of them will last for many many years...
    Thanks for showing all your beauties...xox

  8. Beautiful Bloomers blocks, Horrible looked wonderful for a few days. I agree with Fiona, is always a surprise to see such pretty flowers on a prickly plant.

  9. Your bloomers are looking great - as did the flowers on your cactus. So worth while putting up with those spikes when they have such beautiful flowers. xx

  10. Love your quilt blocks, and how amazing are the flowers on the cactus! I've never seen any that pretty.. xx

  11. I've loved seeing all your Bloomer blocks. I think once your quilt is finished, you will be able to make more fun things with those patterns. Stitch on!

  12. Ouch, the cactus makes me hurt just looking at those spikes. The flowers were pretty thought, such a shame so short lived. Your flower squares are very cute. I'm partial to the first one, love the green.


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