Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and That

When I lifted down one of  boxes containing my
UFOs I found a lovely letter from my DG2
I have swapped the Dolphin for a fish and I was very careful.LOL

Yesterday I went to Geraldton,65kms away, to take my "Bargello" to the quilters.
I had a lovely day shopping and then spending the afternoon visiting my DD1and GD1.

Love the range of Xmas fabric I bought and some more material for my Baby Owl Quilt as well as a few pieces for a Pirate Quilt.

Went to Bunnings and bought some more tiny trees. When I saw the cute tricycle planter I just had to have it.
Today I put the tiny trees into these
and the last lot of tiny trees are now big enough to be planted out.
I have to put this wire cage around them so the rabbits don't eat them.

As I am sitting here I hear the rain which is great for my new trees.


  1. How sweet that little letter and picture are! Such a dear treasure. I love the colored pots you put your little trees into! They look so happy. I sure hope the rabbits don't get them!

    Have a wonderful day, Maria!



  2. I love the fabric...Boy, you are really thinking ahead. I need to do that.

  3. Don't you love those sweet letters and works from the Grands????

    Your colored pots are wonderful. So many fun things for the garden too.

  4. What a darling letter from wee Zoe. I notice you are Om ~ is their German or Dutch in your family?
    I must get my two babes writing letters to their GG who lives in the South Island.
    I smiled at your comment re rabbits ~ you'd be horrified to know we used to have pet rabbits LOL.

  5. Love the new fabrics. It will be great fun making a pirate quilt. I wonder what other lovelies are hiding in your UFO boxes?

  6. I love it when I come across things like that. How cute. I was surprised when we were going through my mom's things that she'd saved a few of my things I'd written to her. Kinda fun.

  7. Oh how sweet is that!! Lov it!

    Hope your wee trees make it.
    Pretty fabbies too.
    Looks like you had a fun day out!

  8. I love the Christmas fabric...every year I say I am going to make a Christmas quilt for my bed and I dont.......someday

  9. Oh how sweet the little bike is...I would love that one in the house with some gorgeous silk flowers in the back. Fabrics look good...any going to be made up into "Personal Gifts" for your Christmas Crafting this month?
    Kind Regards

  10. It must be tough having to protect your young plants from greedy rabbits! Not a problem that we have here in my part of New Zealand, except fot some areas in the South Island where they run rampant

  11. Fabric, Tree's and Bike, oh my..but best of all is letter from a Grandchild. Thank you for sharing it. Little Sister.

  12. Gorgeous Christmas fabric! I have a pirate quilt on my to do list.

    The tricycle planter is AMAZING!! If I came across one of those it would be coming home with me too.

  13. I love the little tricycle! Very cool and will look great in the garden. Happy watering.
    Ab x

  14. Hello Maria, you did have a great trip to Geraldton. We have had some of the magic stuff "rain" too. Isn't it lovely to find treasures amongst the projects.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Pretty Christmas fabrics. That is such a cute little bike planter!

  16. Maria, I am one of a siggie pal from Virginia, USA. I received your lovely siggie and letter today, thank you.
    I wish we only had rabbits in our garden. We have to deal with deer and a bear comes through occasionally. Pam K.

  17. What a nice day you had, and how lovely to find that letter!
    Beautiful fabric!


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