Friday, August 6, 2010

Rooster Party Post.

I have joined the "Rooster Party " which is being held by Barb from Bella Vista. I have visited some of the folk who have participated and there are some absolutely beautiful Roosters.

My little collection mostly sit on the ledge around my kitchen.

The is Blue Pottery Rooster is one of my favorites.
 Took him outside to get a better photo of him.

I did the cross stitch
many years ago
"Chooks in Boots"

The colours in the wall hanging are more vivid.
I seem to be having trouble taking photos this evening.

These are my tin ones.                                 

Another favorite.

But best of ALL my Roosters is the one my GS Alex made.
Whenever we find feathers they are added to his tail.

I am away now to look at some more blogs!!!!



  1. My favorite is the blue one also! I love the blue and white details. The plate definitely shows Rooster personality!!!

  2. I forgot to add-That I absolutely love Alex's. His variety of feathers adds character!!!! I am glad to see that I'm not the only mom that has saved special things.

  3. These are all special but I love the tin ones (Plus Alex's of course). How fun!

    Hugs - Marie

  4. That is quite the collection! Who doesn't love chickens and rooster designs???

  5. Hi Maria, what pretty roosters you have. Such wonderful color and so sweet!

    Thank you for joining and sharing your pretties with us. Have fun today.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  6. I love how you have those roosters all lined up around the ledge - - - by the way, what IS that ledge??? It looks like it's just a few inches off the floor.

    My FAVE little rooster, and I haven't seen any others like him today, is the one that is flopped down, lopping his wing over the edge of the ledge! I feel your pain, buddy - - - I like to flop nearly every day!

  7. I love all your roosters,but the rooster quilt is my favorite!

  8. Very pretty, and Alex's rooster is too cute!

  9. Love your roosters! You have a lovely variety.

  10. What a nice rooster collection! You have some very unique roos! I really like the wall hanging and the cross stitch!


  11. I love your little roosters all in a parade, but I especially like the paper one with the beautiful feather tail! Linda

  12. oh wow I love all of them I have a collection of chooks and a few roosters as well hugs Beth

  13. Great roosters and I'm glad to see you haven't fallen into a tin of paint and drowned!

  14. Oh, I love your rooster collection.
    Chooks in Boots---how cute are they. What a thoughtful Alex to make you a rooster. Welcome home.

  15. Such cute country roosters! I love those cute ceramic roosters and dishes! Thank you for a delightful visit. :)

  16. I'm still trying to make it around to all the rooster parties!! Love your rooster collection!

  17. Oh so cute, I love the kitchen display. What fun that is. I also love the blue and white rooster, he is very handsome, Char

  18. I love them all...they remind me of my mom...she loved roosters....

  19. I love your variety of roosters. . . and that you have a great place for them. Blessings, Janet


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