Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home Again!!

DH and I have been in Perth helping DD2 do this.

First the discussion on where to start.

DD2 and I cut in the bottom of the walls while DH did the top.

After completeing a room DH and I continued while DD2 started rolling the walls.
It is a BIG house, 520 square mitres of wall need to be sanded and then paint at least
two coats.
Day one,  bedroom No 3 painted.  Day two, the entry done plus study, guest room, bedroom 3
all have there first coat. On we go!!
Time for us to go home Friday morning but DD2 was very happy with what we all achieved.

Oh I would like to show you the linen cupboard.

Wish it was in my sewing room for my fabric stash. Trouble is it is nearly as big as my whole sewing room.

On the road again. We went a different way through a National Park. Beautiful big gum trees and lots of native trees too. Photo not to clear through a speeding car window.
It was a gorgeous Sunny day.

It was a lovely drive home.


  1. Looks like a beautiful house. No wonder DD2 wanted to paint, there are lots of white walls.

    Nice linen cupboard! I would definitely be using it for more than just linens. I hope she also has a nice pantry.

  2. That was a lot of work!!! I hope you are still able to move your body!!!!!

    That linen closet is fabulous. Wouldn't it be fun to fill with fabrics?

    Gorgeous sunset.

  3. What lovely mumsie and daddy to do this for DD2.

    Unfortunately, painting is not in my skill set. Fisherhubby won't even let me TOUCH a brush or roller.

    Fortunately, Fisherhubby himself is a WHIZ at it, so I just stand and watch and try NOT to make too many observations - - - out loud.

  4. Nice to see enad what a lot of work. But to can do it for your children is beautifull.
    greetings Dorine

  5. My, aren't you the ambitious one! Your DD2 is lucky to have you and DH. I love your sky pictures.

  6. lucky dd2! I too am mentally filling that linen closet with fabric.... swoon!

  7. Phew..That was a lot of work.. I would love that linen cupboard too!
    Julia ♥

  8. Love the pics of you all working so hard. Maybe Sandra plans to buy new bed sheets in bulk or store her stash in there.
    Heehee, my verification word is baines is that an omen?

  9. Is'nt lovely to be able to share a huge task like that, it's what families are all about. Wonderful to have such a large linen space, all together to be organised. Thank you too for your lovely comments Chrissie

  10. Hello Maria, love the second last picture, know wonder you enjoyed your drive home. Happy Monday.

  11. I'm thinking a visit to NZ when Philosophers bedroom is in need of paint needs to be on your agenda!
    What a lovely Ma n Pa to help out like that . . .
    And as for the linen cupboard OMG I want one that size!

  12. That's a lot of painting,and I'm sure you had a good time. I missed checking out other blogs last your Roosters.Little Sister

  13. what a lovely mummy you are!!!! and some beautiful scenery to reward you on your journey too. very very jealous of the linen closet though!


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