Monday, August 16, 2010

Out and About.

I was out and about this weekend but did get some sewing done too.

On Saturday our Red Hatters group, the Dongara Dizzy Dames, went out for lunch.

Sorry ,not a good photo.
We had a great afternoon chatting and having a lot of laughs. Joyce, third from left, did not have her hat so popped her handbag on her head. She is such a great lady and always fun of cheer.

  Saturday night I worked on my " Fish Quilt". Another of my projects from my UFO boxes.

  Sunday morning some of our swimming group met here for breakfast.
  It is nice to catch up during the winter months.

Then in the afternoon I returned for coffee and cake .

After tea I went into the sewing room and managed to make these for the  Early Bird Christmas Crafting and also some finishes for the OPAM Challenge.

Potholders with heart quilting and cute red heart buttons.
Little IPod/Camera Pouches.

A tutorial I found on  Thimbelina's blog.


  1. very sweet blog you have
    lovely work

  2. So are you in the picture, or are you behind the camera??? You got a lot done in a day. Sit back and relax for awhile!

  3. Sounds like a great day with good friends. You make some of the greatest projects! I am going to check out the pouches.

  4. wow! What a weekend!!! so much fun, friends, food and fabric - ideal!
    i LOVE the camera pouches! the link leads to a dead page though - could you relink? thanks!

  5. Am loving your pot holders - are they easy to make?
    What is red hatters? Other than a group of gorgeous ladys wearing red hats.

  6. the potholders match my kitchen... just sayin.... & I love your bright & cheerful fish quilt!

  7. Hello Maria, I have potholder envy those are just beautiful. Love the Ipod holders may have to look at making some. Happy days.

  8. Hi Maria,
    Your ipod pouches look great...I hope my instructions made sense!

  9. That alle seems to be great esspecially the red head society
    much fun
    greetings Dorine

  10. It sounds like you have been having fun there.

    I love the potholders and the i pod holders. I need to make one of those little i pod holders.

  11. I love the pot holders and ipod case. So cute. Love the red hats - did one of you talented ladies make them?

    Hugs - Marie

  12. You have been very busy Maria! Great creations! I love the camera pouches! Great fabrics! Your fish quilt will be fun one too!

  13. You had a fun weekend. Cute finishes also!

  14. You have been busy, Glad you aren't missing me too much.

  15. I love the red potholders...I have a thing for red....


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