Thursday, May 12, 2022

That Squirrel

That Squirrel of Lou's has not only hopped over the ditch to Aussie but has hitch hiked over The Nullarbor to the West and landed in my instead of working on many projects I have to do I started two new ones.

This has been lingering in my cupboard for a longggggg time. So when I saw Lou had been working on the HST , which I remembered being left over from her Frivols quilt I decided to start mine.....

the cutting out done ..


first two blocks complete.....

Then I got distracted again when I opened a bag that was also hiding in the cupboard and this is what I found....

A gift my SIL sent me for a special "0" birthday some years ago ..

 so now I've spent a few days , tracing onto visoflex, ironing cutting out and attaching to the panel.....Now I folded it up and put back in the cupboard .

Have just pinned a quilt ready to work on later this afternoon so I'll have a finish for OPAM. this month.

Must away now and get to the store..

Keep well and hope you have time to stitch .

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Now I can see where all your projects come from: you keep finding them in that cupboard and starting the work to inspire others, and put them away to work on them when the mood comes. And you are very busy, sewing every day. The Frivols quilt blocks are sweet!

  2. Oh that squirrel looks pretty good 'wink'

  3. It's amazing what we find in cupboards, isnt it. Now you have started the bird applique, dont out it away again, it's so pretty and colourful.

  4. LOL That squirrel sure gets around.

  5. OOOhhhh I think both projects are VeRY pretty...xox

  6. Two lovely projects to be working on - how could you have left them so long! Have fun. xx

  7. a couple of lovely interesting projects - no wonder you got distracted. If they were in the cupboard they were waiting to be played with - you did the right thing!!!!

  8. I don't think you should open those cupboards.... lol.... lovely projects though.....

  9. It’s always fun starting new projects.

  10. That squirrel uncovered a couple of love projects to work on. It wasn’t as if you went shopping for new projects. You are just using what you already have waiting in the wings. Now is their time to shine.

  11. Looks like you have a couple of great projects to work on, love those birds, so don't put it away for too long.


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