Thursday, May 19, 2022

Catching Up

I've meant to do a post every day since last Saturday but the days just sped by so before I go to bed I'll get it done....

Last Saturday our Patch Group had a community sewing day . 

Lots of cutting to be done and sorting out how the blocks went together.

Many machines humming away while others did the ironing and sorting out how the blocks go together.


By the end of the day there were two of the brown flimsy's ( like the one on the design wall above) had sewn together the mauve floral and one of the ladies had sewn the Pink Hearts together for "Pinking Up Dongara" a fund raiser for Breast Cancer.
When I arrived home I was happy to still be able to join Chooky and friends for a few hours on Zoom.

 while I sat chatting I did some more on my La Passacaglia. blocks...

Chooky had finished and shown us a lovely "Churn Dash" quilt . She said she'd like to make another one and invited us to join in as a SAL. Of course I've joined in and have ordered some fabrics online. Hope they come soon.

 If you'd like to join in pop over to Chooky's post here.

On Wednesday our group visited  "Russ Cottage" ( an old cottage where one of the original families of Dongara lived)  and after we had an interesting tour through the historical cottage.

we arranged our chairs and some tables under the trees and sat stitched , chatted , drank coffe and eat some nice treats...

I also keep forgetting to show you the gorgeous blanket my DD1 crocheted for me as a Mother's Day gift.... So spoilt...

Must away and get ready for bed.

Stay well and I hope you find time to stitch.

Hugs  Maria  ❤


  1. Sounds like some fun times with sights, sounds and good friends and some great stitching--
    hugs, di

  2. The crochet blanket is amazing!!! Good to see you on Zoom. Hugs, xx

  3. Such a lovely blanket. It looks like you had a very productive time with your group, and a lovely day too.

  4. How nice it is to see ladies sewing together, great work.....
    A terrific present for you, lucky girl.
    I'm very tempted to join innthe SAL with Chooky..... thinking thinking....

  5. A very productive patch group day. Love the Mother's Day gift. I have not seen a crocheted rug like that before.

  6. you ladies did really well with the community sewing.... and I love the crochet blanket you got... so clever...

  7. There must be a ton of organization to assemble the quilts with many sewers. The heart quilt is perfect for “pink awareness “. The ladybug blanket is beautiful. So much work too!!! It’s a lovely gift. I’m looking forward to seeing LP come together. The pattern is so stunning.

  8. Lots of sewing at your community event, great what a gathering can do. Your ladybird blanket is beautiful.

  9. Lovely catchup Maria. Great work by all the ladies - will you be having another day to quilt them? The crochet blanket is gorgeous. xx

  10. How nice to have stitching time with your group. And what a gorgeous blanket your daughter crotcheted for you!

  11. you did well getting all those quilts progressed in the sewing day..........lovely to see you on zoom and so pleased we are doing the Churn Dash SAL.............and your daughters crochet is gorgeous.........the flouncy edge isn't showing how gorgeous it really is here............

  12. you've been busy! and I understand getting busy and forgetting to blog. I've been terrible about blogging lately. That mothers day blanket is gorgeous!!


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