Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Joining in for WOOFA and Sign Up for FnwFs

For some time I've been working on my "Flip Flop Scraps" quilt sew it became my WOOFA project organised by Cheryll and I'm pleased to finally have a flimsy

 and I have sent it to the quilters  who rang today to say it's ready to be picked up..

The binding is waiting for me to attach as well so it could be a finish for

Sew now the Flip Flop Scraps are done I've decided to make the leader and enders project  " Oh My Stars" a free pattern by Pat Sloan  my new WOOFA project ....

I'll be able to work on it on Friday as it's the first Friday of the month and time to join Cheryll for FnwFs ....

Always fun to sew along with our virtual friends and visit them to see what they managed to sew later.

You can pop over  to Cheryll's blog sign on .

Must away now and make a nice warm Milo.

Happy Stitching and keep safe

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. You are really making headway during this lockdown. That will definitely be a finish this month. I like the newest project too.

  2. Oh well done on the Flip Flop flimsy finish! And great news that it's about ready for its binding too! Have fun with your new leader-ender project.

  3. Well done, its always nice to be so close to a quilt finish....

  4. A great scrap busting design. Just checked out your new project -looking forward to seeing those pretty fabrics that you have chosen sewn up into it.

  5. Love your flip flop scrap quilt top, we will be seeing a finish very soon. You have very pretty fabrics for your new project.

  6. The backing fabric for my flip flops arrived today. I might see about getting it onto the quilting frame over the weekend.
    I do like yours with the blue sashing.

  7. Great finish Maria - it will be good to see it quilted and bound. xx

  8. How good to have your quilt a flimsy stage. It is fun seeing how different it looks from Lou's with the different coloured sashing. Oh My Stars will be a great new leader and ender project. Not too much thinking required.

  9. There are a LOT of pieces in that quilt. Great job. You're obviously sewing away each day.

  10. The Flip Flop top looks sunny and cheerful. Well done!

  11. Your quilt flimsy looks brilliant Maria. Well done.
    See you at FNwF this week too...xox

  12. Your flip flop scraps is so intriguing! I love the way you did the sashing. Are they mini charms size? I have loads of charms and minicharms I'm trying to decide what to do with. I looked back a few of your posts and am amazed at how much you get accomplished! Well done friend.

  13. that quklt is lovely... so much work in putting all those squares together... did you wonder if they would ever end?

  14. The flip flop flimsy looks like a stained glass window, especially with the sunshine behind it! Beautiful work x


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