Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Catching up and FnwFs 2....

YEH !! because of having to stay home and not being able to go to the Tech Guy I sorted my laptop problem out with the help of Mr Google and am back online  on the Laptop.... happy can show you want I've worked on this week .

Blue was this month's colour for the RSC .
 Iv'e been making two Sisters Blocks each month.... wonder what colour next month will be ??

Next on my list was Toni's Paper Dolls  No 7 and 8

and then I thought it was time to make some Shields for   "Days for Girls"

and also use some the longer scraps to make String Blocks to send to Jan Mac....

now I've caught up I think I'll do some sewing on MY quilt ??  as well as on the WOOFA project.. Another of Cheryll's  challenges.....

Don't forget that Cheryll is having another fun FnwFs this week sew pop over HERE to sign up and join all for a great day/night of stitching.......

Must away now to hang the washing....  :(

Happy stitching and stay well..

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Glad you are back on line Maria. A nice variety here - I like the blue sisters and the dolls. xx

  2. Nice work Maria....I am looking forward to another FNWF as I overlooked the last one x

  3. It is a nice feeling to know that we can "fix" things when we have to. Pretty Sisters blocks. See you Friday night.

  4. Wow.. you were quick to do your RSC Sisters. Love your work.

  5. so glad you got the computer problem solved--I am having a problem now down loading photos from my phone--so retook the photos with my cell phone and emailed them to me--later in the day I needed to deposit a check I had gotten in the mail and the bank app on the cell phone wouldn't work--kept wanting me to update--but it wouldn't do it when I tapped that button--so I finally got brave and uninstalled the bank app and then it let me reinstall it and it worked--oh my--my poor brain--then for this week's hand piecing block once I sat down to stitch it--discovered somehow I had not cut out the right pieces going in the right direction for 4 pcs out of the 8--and I had cut out 2 blocks so that was 8 pieces I had to 'rethink' how to cut out--so you could say it was one of those days--but it was beautiful outside and I did get out for walk and did give our staff downstairs some masks I had made--
    love the blue sister's blocks--I have not done any blue work yet this month--cause the blue fabric is in the mail and in route somewhere--I really did not have any light to med blues in the stash--so I have those shipments to look forward too ( and yes--I know you want to know--I ordered some other things besides just blue fabrics!!!!:-)
    stay safe luv, di

  6. Well done on being a computer tech! There is so much out there on google and youtube isn't there?! You've made a great start to the month with your blocks. It's nice to see your pile of sisters growing and I love your dolls!

  7. woohoo... it would be awful to be offline as well as not able to meet up with friends... glad it got sorted.... lovely sister blocks and well doen with all the sewing....

  8. Well done on the fix!! Your Sisters blocks are lovely, you have been very productive. See you Friday night.

  9. Nice to have a little time at home
    You are being very productive

  10. Yay! Good on you for fixing the laptop issue yourself. Google can be such a great tool. And I bet you got a kick out of it too. I'm lucky, my IT guy just happens to be my hubby.
    I'm hoping to join in again on Friday. 'See you there'.

  11. You can hang out the "tech help" shingle now... as well as "quilter Extraordinaire"...
    See you at FNwF again...xox

  12. Yay! Great job fixing your computer yourself.
    Your blue blocks are really lovely as are your paper dolls. You've certainly been busy!
    Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend x

  13. Well done on solving your computer issues. I love your paper dolls - they are very cute x


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