Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Weekend 2020

Even though we are doing social distancing and the family wasn't able to visit for Easter I had a nice weekend starting Friday with Cheryll organising a 2nd FnwFs and you can see in the previous post what I did.
Saturday Chooky organised all the ladies that would normally have gone to "Scrub Stitching " to GTG on ZOOM and I was delighted she invited me to join them....
Earlier I received a pouch designed by Anni from Hatched and Patched in the post which we  worked on as we chatted.
I really enjoyed meeting the ladies and finally putting some faces to the ones I have followed on blogs....

Sunday the Easter bunny left plenty of goodies and I had a chats with family and friends..

Then hubby took us to the beach...
away from other folk for a swim...

Hadn't put my feet in the sand for three weeks and it felt lovely....

the water was divine and Lacy and I enjoyed our swim....

After a shower and some lunch I went into The Cave to finish the
 stitching on the pouch and put it together...

I added "Online" to the label Anni designed .

Another holiday today but as we are retired and no visitors it just like any other day in isolation.. Thankfully I always have lots of sewing projects to work on and hubby goes to his huge shed as there's always something to do...

Must away now and clean the birdbaths...

Happy Stitching and take care and stay safe...

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. what a lovely weekends and that pouch is so pretty! love Anni's designs

  2. Your pouch looks beautiful Maria. Well done on the finish. Sounds like you had a good weekend, so good you went for a swim, love the photo of your feet in the sand and your dog swimming.

  3. The beach, sewing, chatting on-line and chocolate - that is a good holiday. Pretty pouch.

  4. You had a great weekend.
    What a great project Anni put together.

  5. Hi Maria. What a lovely little pouch and so nice for you to stitch it together. I love your addition on the back. Lovely to swim I am sure - here you would have been fined and sent home! Enjoy your Easter Monday - it's my bathrooms and floors day so just like any other Monday! xx

  6. I love how you added ONLINE to your label.. A great memory. I'm sure you enjoyed your swim after not being able to do it everyday...

  7. That's a lovely pouch. There's nothing like going for a dip on a hot day. There's been thunderstorms, flood and tornado warnings here, but it's clearing and the birds are singing!

  8. Great to have lots of stuff to do while in isolation....

  9. Yes you've had some glorious weather for a swim...& I really like your new pouch.
    Stay safe xox

  10. Sweet little pouch! You have been busy again with so many projects in your latest posts.

  11. Trying to catch up a bit on blogs, Maria. I love your little pouch! It's nice to see how busy and focused you have been through this time. Your paper doll blocks are adorable and I think those RSC Sister blocks will make such a great quilt. You can send some heat our way. We seem to be having a hard time getting rid of our cooler than normal temps here.

  12. It is nice that you got the chance to have a swim. Hope you can manage to do it again soon.

    No Easter eggs here, as we hadn't bought any before all this happened. Will have to wait until next year now!

  13. So lovely you were able to have a Zoom retreat and manage to get out for a swim! Sounds like a really good weekend x

  14. It sounds like you had a nice long weekend with a few different things going on to add a bit of variety! It was so lovely to meet you via Zoom! Your pouch looks great and a good idea to add the word online - I just did that bit of stitching last night and I wish I'd put that word in!! So nice for you to get into the sand and the sea again!

  15. Was lovely to spend time with you online . So pleased you could join us. Your pouch looks lovely and I'm pleased you got to the beach.


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