Sunday, March 15, 2020

Where Oh Where

has another week gone??? Each day I was going to write a post and before I knew it "Poof"  the days over !!!!!

But I'm pleased to have had a great week going for my dip each morning ,even though we've had funny weather ,rain then hot and humid and even woke up to a very misty morn on Monday.
having coffees with friends and then coming home to sew. Happy to have completed my No  1 Challenge for Sunday Stitchers and looking forward to the new No today..

As you can see I have both my machines set up... On the small Jamone I'm doing straight stitching on my WOOFA project with Cheryll
and on the Bernina I'm applique buttonhole on Toni's Paper Dolls  .... Oh and a new project...

Must away now as I'm going to lunch and then board games with friends ...Phew that's retirement.....

Back from my luncheon and board games and see that 
is the No for Sunday Stitchers challenge.. Thanks Helen.......

Happy Stitching and stay Safe

Hugs Maria ❤


  1. That looks a very efficient production line that you have set up in your sewing room. Looking forward to seeing your No 2 challenge piece. Autumn is on its way - hubs and I have had a very disappointing swimming season this year what with the poor air quality for months, floods and dirty water as a consequence and now the weather has turned quite cool.

  2. Retirement is very busy
    Love the idea of two machines Does that mean you get twice the stitching done?

  3. Lovely sewing no wonder you work on such great projects.
    Good luck with your challenge this month too...xox

  4. nice to hear you are so busy!

  5. Pretty little stacked coins/bricks quilt, another great finish. Can you tell me what WOOFA means please?

  6. keeping busy busy, I love your quilt you have done.... I got my #2 out... hmmmm quite a bit to do...

  7. Sounds like you are having a great time. xx

  8. The days seem to once again be flying by. Love your UFO project....well done! You are all set up there Maria for lots of action xx

  9. I'm a week late in seeing this, and the world has changed so much since then. Aren't you glad we have our hobby to keep us busy?


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