Thursday, March 26, 2020

This and That ...

I'm feeling ???? not sure but it's a hard time for everyone....

This is a photo of the last day I went for my dip with my friends, I miss going , just wish it wasn't sew dam HOT ,

been 40 deg at our place the past few days......

Sew perfect to crank up the Air Con and sew.....

In the evenings I've been stitching some of  Michelle's lovely free designs and made them into a bag

using some of my Lynette Anderson Fabrics....

I also sourced some suitable fabrics in my cupboard to finish my No 2 Sunday Stitchers challenge.
Wasn't sure about the blue spot for binding but it works.....


and I've also made the next two of Toni's free Paper Doll blocks

Must away now and pop on the kettle . 

Please all stay safe , wash hands and if possible stay inside. XX

Hugs  Maria  ❤


  1. You are staying busy doing some lovely work. The biggest thing about this disaster for me is the feeling that my "freedom" to move around is no longer there. Take care.

  2. Some beautiful projects to keep you busy. Sending you a cyber hug and prayers that this doesn't last too long. Xx

  3. Take care. This is just a new time we all have to get used to. Luckily we have our sewing.

  4. I think we are all feeling a bit strange at the moment. You are being very productive. I couldn't even get started on the day until some time after midday today.

  5. Your bag is lovely and the blue spot is a great bonding.
    We're having cooler days here, the seasons are definately changing.

  6. Sounds like the perfect weather for staying inside - shame about the swimming though! What a great bag and the quilt looks gorgeous too, the binding works perfectly. xx

  7. talking about putting the kettle on--my friend who has a daughter who is in the medical field told here that when she does have to go out--as soon as she comes in and washes her hands to make a hot drink like tea or coffee and drink it hot--kills the germs in your mouth and throat--!!
    lovely projects--like the purse--had a problem downloading those patterns but now have more ink so will try again--I esp liked the fence and the bicycle ones!!
    sorry about your swimming mates--
    luv, di

  8. Glad you are keeping busy and cool considering it is so hot! Lots of lovely projects - I really like them, and the backing fabric for your tree has really caught my eye. I'm a bit of a sucker for rainbows x

  9. Gosh it has been hot there.... it is so draining when its like that. Lovely sewing and your bag with the stitcheries is brilliant.... love it. The quilt is interesting too... a lovely pattern which is so effective. Lovely paper dolls too.... take care...xx


  10. Yes we are all missing our friends and social contact ATM. Especially tough when it's HOT for you & no bobbing.
    Love the blue binding... & your new bag. Both look fantastic.
    Stay away & stay safe...xox

  11. You always have such lovely projects on the go, and now some great finishes to show us this time too. 40 degrees is certainly hot, things are much cooler down here, it's raining, and I even have long trousersxand docks on today!

  12. Using the stitcheries in that bag was a great idea, both sides look good. Well done with the quilts too, and the paper doll blocks will make a cute quilt for someone.
    Take care!

  13. I love seeing what you've been doing to stay busy. Especially love that bag! be well friend

  14. If you can’t be out and about, the sewing room is as good as anywhere to be. Some lovely finishes. The UFO turned out great, as did the bag.

  15. you always get through so much - this will be a bumper crop for you!
    Fortunately its finally cooling down here...keep the air con going a bit longer . . .

  16. Oh you will be so missing your daily bob!! I love the bag you made from Michelle's stitcheries - they are lovely and so is the bag - great idea. I haven't started my paper dolls yet but still want to - they are really cute :-) I can't believe it's still that hot at this time of the year!

  17. Yes in that heat you must miss your swim with your friends. Love your bag and so nice to see the stitcheries in use. The spotty binding is perfect....a beautiful finish.

  18. Swimming must be so tempting when it is so hot. You are getting lots done, I like the blue spot binding. Love Toni's blocks. You have made a beautiful bag Maria, looks wonderful.


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