Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Weekend Sewing....

This weekend I decided to cull that neverending huge scrap box

and make QAYG blocks for Jan Mac who is runs Oz Comfort Quilts which she started in 2009 ...
Cut background 11" for
 10 1/2" FINISHED blocks .......
35 blocks make a quilt...

Please pop over and see how you can also help...

while sorting through the box and ironing suitable pieces I decided to also cut more 2 1/2" squares. They are for a long term project I started many years ago

 and after seeing Lou's post and that she was going to work on her long term project I recognised the book and remembered I had that also lurking in my cupboard....

I am off to a retreat soon and will sew some more blocks together ...

Oh! before I go must show you my new friend "Clever Trevor" 
He does a great job watering the grass around the house block......

Well must away and hugs the all the folk who are affected by the fires, especially all the helpers..

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Those QAYG blocks look good. Those 2 1/2" squares will be a great retreat project. You are lucky to have Clever Trevor - we can only use a bucket between certain hours to water the garden here in Sydney.

  2. Oh I like clever Trevor, I bet he does a great job! Am starting QAYG blocks today for the same lady! Great minds huh!! Great project to take to a retreat.

  3. Such bright cheery qayg blocks. What method do you use to join them?
    I'll be watching your other scrap project. It will be fun to see how it goes. I need another cutting session, I ran out of squares before work this morning.

  4. What a good job Trevor is doing. Well needed. I'm doing some QAYG blocks too.

  5. Hello Maria,

    Oh the never ending scrap fabric box! I remember many years ago a neighbour had one of those sprinklers, it went off on its own journey down the road.
    Have fun at your retreat.

    Happy days.

  6. Great use for your scraps Maria and I love clever Trevor! xx

  7. Pretty new blocks! I'm working with my fabric strips too. Your little squares project looks interesting, will be following it with interest.

  8. Great blocks Maria and an excellent cause...… lucky Lou reminded you of that quilt... great to get your scraps down... clever Trevor looks so fun.. and useful... enjoy retreat and hope you get lots done...

  9. I have started to make some QUAG blocks and got two of my friends on board

  10. Lots of scrappy fun to start the year. Hope you enjoy your time at the retreat.

  11. Good to make use of the scrap "clever trevor" lol

  12. The QAYG blocks look great - such a good use of the scraps. Hope you have a good time at the retreat x

  13. I love making string blocks. Yours are wonderful! Do you sew them onto paper or fabric? My scraps are getting out of control, so maybe I'll start making a few again.


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