Thursday, January 23, 2020

Catching up.....

First I'd like to show you the beautiful gifts that arrived in the post last Friday from my dear friend Sunny, who sadly doesn't blog anymore.....
This is a gorgeous cross stitched wall hanging in my favorite colours. The sails are all different quilting blocks and it has a lovely saying stitch on it..... Love it and it has joined other minis made by many different friends on the wall in the "Cave"

Sunny also included two handmade cards and a cute Snowman ornie...

Now I need to list my UFO projects for " Sunday Stitchers Challenge " and also with Cheryll for the WOOFA challenge .......

No 1 ....... Jelly Roll Waves baby quilt... Needs borders and then pinned, sandwiched and quilted

No 2....... Charm Square Blocks baby quilt.... needs borders ,pinned ,sandwiched and quilted..
No3....Twisted Windmills , its sandwiched and pinned ready to quilt and is this months challenge No..

No4..... was just the last Christmas  placemat  I had to finish and was last months No and is done ...

No 5...." Gnome Needle" case by Lynette Anderson.....

Nos 6-10 . Lynette Anderson's BOM     " Andrespn's Farm"
by doing two each month I hope to get it done this year as it lingered in my cupboard for a longggg time...

No 11 ...... "Twelve Days of Christmas" by Hatched and Patched.

and lastly No 12 ..... A Brutus " designed by Red Brolly" block left over from a quilt I made and decided to make it into a mini...

Just needs to be sandwiched, pinned and quilted...

By having these lovely folk organise these challenges I hope to get some finishes again by the end of the year.... HUGE thanks ladies........

Must away and do some shopping, have visitors coming for the long weekend....

Happy Stitching and keep safe...

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. You are always so productive
    Some lovely items there and the cross stitch is lovely
    So many people have given away Blogging

  2. I can see some gorgeous finishes in your future. Love the sailboat cross stitch gift.

  3. All these gifts for you are lovely.
    Your projects are great. It always helps getting a push and encouragement.

  4. Lots of lovely projects to keep you busy this year. I will look forward to seeing your finishes. Xx

  5. It will be fun to follow you finishing all these projects!

  6. Yes miss Sunnys posts. That is such a gorgeous mini! Your UFO list is fantastic! Well done to you xx

  7. Really pretty cross stitch from Sunny--she always does wonderful work on her gifts to us--and yes I too miss her blog!!
    you sure have some nice ufo's on your list of 12--will be fun watching for results as you work on them--
    and a question for you--what size does your 'girl' block come to???
    I thought the one that I downloaded was a bit large for what I wanted--so have redone it to be a 6.5" square block--but haven't actually made one up yet--that is on the list for Saturday!!!!
    have an awesome day--luv, di

  8. So many wonderful projects, all beautiful. I really love that charm square top, im going to keep that in mind for a future rainbow scrap design.

  9. lovely projects waiting for you! have fun

  10. That is a beautiful mini quilt you were given. Looks like you are all set up for many finishes this year. Lovely baby quilts.

  11. Gorgeous array of projects to work on this year. We'll have a "party" at months end to showcase our achievements...
    Well done Maria...xox

  12. How beautiful is that hanging from Sunny. I love it. xx

  13. such a pretty cross stitch and it looks perfect in your cave.... you have lots of lovely projects to work on.... so good we have challenges to motivate us...

  14. Lovely variety for your list this year. I love the cross-stitched sailing boats - the colours are beautiful.

  15. What a gorgeous cross stitch!
    I don't think I need to wish you ell with your projects - I know you will get thru them!

  16. That cross stitch is adorable. Please ask your frien for the name of the design. Like you, I adore blue.
    You have a lot going on and so much planned. Have fun with it.

  17. Such a gorgeous gift off Sunny - I love the different quilt blocks being used! Good luck with all your UFOs. Challenges seem to be a good incentive to get UFOs moving that don't have a definitive deadline x

  18. Awesome projects! I miss Sunny! Tell her hello next time you 'chat'! Her gift to you is gorgeous!


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