Monday, January 27, 2020

Signing up

With the lovely KRIS from Tag Along Teddies for OPAM again this year ......

Can you see how many finishes we have all achieved over the years by joining in first with Peg (sadly she doesn't have time to blog anymore) and Kris and for the past few years Kris has run it alone...

You can pop over HERE to join in and Kris kindly draws a winner each month for one of her pretty  patterns....

The "Twisted Windmills" are under the machine being quilted , hopefully a finish by the end of the week.... ( The power has gone out again sew no machine sewing for now😢)
Not only is this project being done for OPAM but also the "Sunday Stitchers Challenge"
and WOOFA  with Cheryll  .......

I find the more folk that push me along the better sew thank you ladies for your encouragement....

Must away and pop the kettle on the gas for a cuppa..

Stay safe

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Your twisted windmills look like fun.
    Hope the power is back on soon, sew you can sew some more.

  2. It's a nuisance when the power goes off! Fortunately we have a generator that we can now connect the house to and it runs everything.

  3. Yes, you always seem to have such a lot of finishes. The window quilt looks great.

  4. Hard at work..... you need to get a treadle for those power off days!

  5. Slows you down a bit without power!! Always good to have a deadline and encouragement to get a finish.

  6. Oh I have missed this blogworld and you!!!

  7. Not the weather to have no power!!! I agree it is nice to see those totals adding up. It keeps us moving.

  8. Great effort under the circumstances...& fantastic effort on your challenges... xox

  9. Looks a very pretty quilt. Bummer about the power when you are on a roll.

  10. Great to have you playing along with OPAM again this year. Looking forward to seeing your year of finishes. :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS xx

  11. Love the windmill quilt, looks so pretty. Hugs,xx

  12. Those windmills are gorgeous! I hope the power comes back soon - at least you can still make a cup of tea (there has to be some silver lining tee hee) x


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