Sunday, June 30, 2019

OPAM for June

Oh WOW ! The end of June and half way through 2019 so it's time to post my finishes with our lovely Kris for OPAM and thank you for keeping us all on track....  😊

This month I've been doing more knitting than sewing and have completed 4 Beanies

and made 7 Beeswax wraps

Only some small finishes this month as I've been busy sewing sleeves on quilts ready for our Quilt Hanging and helping make community quilts at Patch..

Must away and have some brekky, have a great day......

Happy Stitching

Hugs Maria   😊


  1. Such cute little beanies! Are they going to be donated to a good cause? Or do you have lots of little ones nearby?
    I've heard of beeswax wraps, they certainly seem very easy to make.

  2. done well Maria... the beanies are great...

  3. Lovely Beanies... I've always wanted to make bees wax wraps... I'll get around to it one day.

  4. Cute beanies! I envy you your talent. I had to give up knitting and crocheting. I just wasn't improving no matter how hard I tried. Have fun "hanging" around!

  5. AnY finish is a gOOd thing...and your beanies are sensational...xox

  6. The year is going by so quickly! I am intrigued by your beeswax wraps - what are they for? xx

  7. Well done on your finishes, Maria. The beanies look nice and snuggly! It sounds like you are extra busy preparing for your Quilt hanging plus doing the community quilts.

  8. A great tally of finishes - well done!!

  9. Those beanies are so cute. Well done! Do you use the beeswax rolls for your needles? I'm sure you are busy getting ready for the hanging. It'll be here before we know it.

  10. Those beanies are so great, and you have managed to get plenty done even if you have been busy with quilt sleeves x


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