Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Beeswax Wraps.......

In my previous post I said I'd tell you about the fun workshop I went to make Beeswax Wraps .....

These are the ones I made at the workshop and we were able to take home the rest of special pre-mixed Beeswax.  sew we could make some more .

I cut and washed some fabrics and have made wraps to share with my DD....

With the baking paper under my fabric I grated the wax ,

then spread the it and put another piece of baking paper over the top making sure the waxy of the paper part is on top.

with the iron on wool setting gently spread the wax,

till all of fabric is covered ,

Remove from between parers and let dry......

I had fun making more until there was only a tiny piece of wax left

Now I must away and do some domestic chores.......😒

Happy Stitching.

Hugs Maria 😊   

P.S not sure why the comment box is sew low.. did try to fix it !!!!!!   


  1. Thanks Maria - I am going to have another go at getting the beeswax mix via google. They look great. xx

  2. Ummm. So what are they used for?

  3. What a coincidence, I saw beeswax wraps in the grocery store yesterday for the first time, never heard of them before. Tell us how they work when you have experimented with different foodstuff.

  4. I'm clueless too, what do you use beeswax wraps for? Intriguing

  5. The reason the comment box is so low--is cause the post thought you were going to write more and add more photos!!!(lol)
    they look like alot of fun to make--something different for sure--have you used yours yet and are they working????
    luv, di

  6. glad yours worked well, mine were a fail but I used plain beeswax instead of prepared with something …. maybe that was it...

  7. Great project to do, I have one I use for cheese, works well. You have used great fabrics.

  8. I'll have to give this a go...they are expensive to buy and I use these wraps all the time. great project x

  9. Like others, I am interested in what they are used for. They sound interesting.

  10. They are such a great idea and so very useful.

  11. Wax wraps are on my to do list. As i've been cleaning my fabrics out i've been putting pieces aside for the wraps. Just need get some oil to go into my beeswax. Hugs,xx

  12. (maybe you have a lot of returns after your lat sentence...or maybe just blogger)
    those wraps are great - is it just normal bees wax??
    I have a couple of commercial ones which I used...for a while . . .

  13. Who knew you could do it with an iron..... I thought there was more involved......


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