Saturday, July 6, 2019

Retreat, the Big Smoke and FnwFs .....

Last weekend our Patch club had a " Stay at Home Retreat."  My DD come up from Perth on the bus to join us..
I took along my "" BlooMs " and it was great to put the binding and have it finished.... The strippy fabric was great..  Also did all the sleeves on the quilts I'm putting in our Quilt Show in October, a big job done.... 

My DD worked on a "Rainbow Fish "baby quilt but I forgot photos....

Sunday we drove back to Perth and I had a few crazy busy days there but on Thursday we got to spend ALL day sewing.

While DD sewed the "Lego" blocks I ironed, afterwards I sewed pieces of wadding together for a backing ,

Then we pinned........

as I drove home yesterday DD was on a roll , keep sewing and sent me a photo of  " The Crayon " quilt she was working on next...
DD buys a kids book and then makes a quilt to go with it. She'll have some fabulous ones for the show to hung in our " Children's Display " and hopes to sell some....

After getting home unpacking the car, doing some shopping and having dinner it was nice to relax and join Cheryll for FnwFs ,our monthly sewing evening with virtual friends...

I cut out and made a few "Poppy" blocks for  " Aussie Hero's "

Then sat down relax and watch
"The Exotic Marigold Hotel "
while doing some knitting... 

Must away now and hang some washing.

Happy Stitching,

Hugs  Maria  😊


  1. What a productive week you two girls had. Great team work on the lego blocks.

  2. Your Bloom looks so good! Congratulations on getting it finished.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  4. You certainly were on a roll! Your Bloom is gorgeous and DDs quilts are so that they go with a book xx

  5. Looks like you both achieved lots. Love the Lego & crayon quilts. They are so much fun..

  6. Your Blooms quilt is so pretty with the quilting and binding! The children's quilts have happy bright colors, and I like the idea of book and quilt together.

  7. you have been so busy. Bloom looks fantastic. I love the children's quilts your DD is doing.... so clever to do one to go with a book...

  8. Blooms looks wonderful. Love the childrens quilts, they are so cute & bright. Hugs,xx

  9. Your blooms quilt looks amazing, I love the binding you have used.
    You and your DD have been so busy, I'm tired just reading it. LOL

  10. Love your blooms quilt!! You and your daughter had a very productive sew sessions.
    Love the lego and crayola tops, soooo clever!!

  11. The Bloom quilt turned our amazing
    So much talent in your family Lovely that the two of you get to sew together

  12. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Your Bloom quilt looks amazing. Your daughter is very clever, love the Lego quilt and the crayon quilt. Your poppy blocks are amazing too.

  13. You and DD can certainly tick a few items off after the effort you put in over a few days.
    Well done.. & thanks for joining in FNwF too...xox

  14. busy busy
    Love the crayon quilt & the lego one - very creative.

  15. Blooms quilt is wonderful - striped binding is always a winner. Your daughter's quilts are beautiful.

  16. I love your Blooms quilt and the Lego and Crayon quilts. You've both been very busy.

  17. It sounds and looks like you had a fun and busy time Maria. I love your Blooms quilt - the striped binding is the perfect finishing touch! Your daughter's sewing is fabulous - what a cool idea to theme the quilts with a book. The poppy blocks look great too.


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