Saturday, June 10, 2017

Blogging Friends

This year I joined the Stitch-A-Long and as I live in a small crayfishing/tourist town, in West Aussie, which doesn't have a fabric store, my lovely friend Fiona who lives on the other side of Australia in Queensland helped me purchase some beautiful fabrics from Quilter's Angel via the internet...

Backing for blocks and borders.

with my fabrics...

Now I have been able to make my first block....

Also in a previous post I showed you my "Candle Mat" which I was having trouble finding the right buttons to complete it...
Well this week another lovely blogging friend JO sent me these buttons 

                                             and now my "Candle Mat" looks great..

Huge thank you to both ladies for your help..

Must away and get ready for Patch's Embroidery Workshop.. hope you are all doing something fun this weekend...

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. I'm glad your friends were able to help out! That SAL is going to be beautiful. Is that Michelle's pattern?

  2. Your embroidery is just lovely, Maria. Isn't it great to have friends to help out? The buttons look so cute on that mat.

  3. Love you fabrics and your handiwork! The stocking is adorable.
    Blogging friends become good friends whom we would love to have has as neighbors.

  4. Yay! You got your your fabrics and the block looks great xx

  5. I love how you have done a pink stocking. Jo certainly found the perfect buttons for your candle mat. It looks great. Have a lovely weekend Maria. xx

  6. Love the fabrics for your Xmas blocks. The stocking looks so cute

  7. Love your block & candlemat. Hugs, xx

  8. See I knew those buttons would be found--cute candle holder--
    and congrats on the new fabric for the Chmas blocks--
    I would of done this sal if I wasn't already doing one on line--
    enjoy the moments, di

  9. They both look great and what a blessing to have friends like Jo and Fiona so willing to help you out

  10. Lovely on both counts
    Bloggers are the best

  11. Love you new block! How wonderful that you were able to get some help from friends :o)
    It was great catching up with you all at the Craft Fair a couple of weeks ago :o)
    Hugs x

  12. Cute stocking, love your Christmas block fabrics.

  13. O wow- you have outdone yourself once again. I Love your projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Yay for you Maria, some green buttons... and yes they do look great on your project there... Enjoy the SAL, no doubt your work will be lovely & I hope you enjoy the social aspect of it too... blogging buddies are so good!

  15. Wow, the candle mat looks great now! You're lucky to have such sweet friends!


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