Sunday, January 20, 2013

Busy Day

Early this morning my friend and I went for a  walk to the point, then a dip in the sea and brekky at the cafe.

Walk to the point

Starfish Cafe 2012

 Afterwards it was time to clean out my spare rooms as it has been many months since the rooms have been used. I seamed to use them both as a bumping ground for all sorts of things.. Even found tins of paint in there…
Must say they look better now ready for my visitors..



One day I will get round to making a quilt for the big bed. This one is my caravan quilt and a bit small.…

When I was cleaning up the cave to make my UFO list I came across some 6 1/2” blocks which I received in a “Block Swap” I was in a few years ago.. Put them into four sets of twelve popped a bone fabric border in between and around them and now have a nice flimsy..


Needs sandwiching and quilting and popped in the post..

My online Scquilters Group is having a “Rotation Swap Block” and I was also able to put my together tonight…


My theme is the beach and sea.. I do hope someone will stitch on a lighthouse, beach houses, surf boards, bright coloured beach huts, towels , beach umbrellas and shells etc.… I won’t know until the end of the year when my block will be returned…..

Must away and shower then off to bed..
Hugz  Maria


  1. I love your block! You found and used such perfect fabrics. Don't you just love having clean rooms? Too bad we have to take valuable time to get them that way. thanks for the advice about Live Writer!!

  2. Oh it would be fun to take part in the RR , maybe one of your group will read this post and then add just what you hope for , it is a really great block!!!! What a gorgeous beach you have to walk on , love seeing pictures of it .

  3. Maria, they are all beautiful quilts.

  4. love all your quilts especially that blue one.
    your eye spy top looks lovely and your rotation block is great. love the rolling ocean.

  5. Perfect fabric for the R&R surf scene. LoVe it! And you seem to have had a busy Sunday in other ways too! Well done ")

  6. I can't wait to see how your block ends up! I would love to do a rotation block someday

  7. so lovely to see the beds made up with your quilts.... I have been doing the same and realised I need some big quilts!!!
    I'm jealous of your lovely walks.... and dips....

  8. What a lovely view of the ocean! Your guest rooms look so inviting..I would love to come for a visit! I will be waiting with you to see how your friends add to your block...I see many possibilities. I loved my quick visit!

  9. I love the base for your beach and sea block. I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of it at the end of the year. Cute thongs!

  10. You certainly pack a lot into your Sunday. Love your beach and the cute cafe.

    The guest rooms look very inviting with their lovely quilts.

    Nice sewing on your projects.

  11. Sounds like a busy weekend. Your rotation block is perfect for providing inspiration. It speaks of all those things you hope will be added to it. Will be waiting to see it when it returns to you.

  12. I think I will come for a visit--not only does those room lonely and need one--it is going to be very cold here for at least the next week--would rather walk the beach!!!!
    love your work--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  13. Great way to start a day.....nice clean up!!

  14. Your beach block looks great, with my island and Gloria's underwater one we'll be all cool and wet!

  15. Gorgeous way to start the day :) It is so lovely to have rooms neat and tidy, and your quilts look so welcoming. Blocks- what a great find!
    I adore your swap block, and it would look fantastic with all those wish list ideas on it, fingers crossed for you :)

  16. Im sure people will add beachy things to your blcok. Looks like a lot of fun could be had there. Amazing what you find when you have a tidy up - great blcoks you found!

  17. Lots of great things on your blog and I especially like the blue quilt too.

  18. Hi Maria what a fun full day you had ,love the quilt on the bed so colorfull and the scrappy one came out nice, and beachy one sure has a nice size canvas space to put plenty of beachy stuff. have a nice day . theodora

  19. Your quilts look so pretty on the beds.

    I would love to see that ocean quilt when it is finished. So much potential!!!


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