Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OFW, which colour and my Nice Mail

this week I decided to count my Fussy Hexies, there are 64, and decide on a colour for my stepping stones… 


these are the three I have tried but can’t decide which one to use…

009    White????

Pale blue??


I like the darker blue fleck best? Which one do you think??
Of course I did stitch another one this week to add to the rest .Sew now that makes 65…


there was another lovely squishy in the post for me…
It was my beautiful Rug Mug from Mary .
I really like the Foundation Pieced Heart…


and I can now show you the one I sent to her….

Mary's Valentine Rug Mug Swap 2013

In my reading list on Blogger yesterday I had received many UNWANTED posts from a person I am NOT following. I spent many  hours trying to delete these with no success. Can anyone help PLEASE…….

Hugz  Maria


  1. well done with the fussy cut hexies.... I can't choose a favourite stepping stone.. they all look good... just different.... lovely mug rugs.... never heard those unwanted blog posts- sorry can't help, there may be a blogger help email - how annoying

  2. Your hexies look so happy all together!

  3. those monkeys will be so cute joining the group! gosh hard to choose a color. Lime green? Kidding. I like the light blue, but the dark is pretty too. Love those fun mug rugs, what a terrific swap! & sorry about the unwanted blog posts, never had that happen to me before

  4. Gorgeous hexies. I like the white best, but I'm very boring

  5. Cute little monkeys.
    I like the light blue best for the stepping stones.
    Your mug rugs are both pretty. Lucky you.

  6. This quilt will be amazing! I like the pale blue best for the stepping stones. But the darker blue will look good too!

  7. love seeing all those pretty flowers together. I like the light blue stepping stones. Good luck with choosing I know that is going to be the hardest part of putting mine together too. cute cheeky monkeys and your mug rugs look lovely.
    Is it unwanted comments you wish to delete? I think you can block unwanted visitors too. I will have a look in blogger, I am sure I have seen it somewhere?

  8. Maria, what a gorgeous collection of flowers! I think the darker blue or the white shows off the personality of the hexy flowers to their best. I am smiling so big to see them all together. I have some ideas re the unwanted reading list posts, but will email you about it.

  9. Your hexies look fabulous. Since working on Easy Street I am going to start using a lot more black on white prints for my backgrounds. It just looks so smart and I think you should try it with all of the colors in the hexies.

    Glad you liked the mug rug. I loved yours too.

  10. Oh--MY--I guess I got aloooot of catching up to do--I do have some basted and hope to start stitching them together tonight!! I did order the regular paper piecing cut outs and I love love them--for the other hexies I had printed off the design onto freezer paper and then cut them apart and ironed them on the back of the fabrics---
    but these that are stiffer paper and all cut the same size are much easier to work with so am having a good time!!!
    I have to confuse --it is hard to tell which background is right as you put different hexies on each color--but I say the lighter blue one--at least it looks nice and makes that group pop so to say--
    Hummm--this is really a hard one--
    I love the mug rugs--does that help?????
    HUgs, Di and miss gracie

  11. I think I like the darker blue stepping stones the best. And both of the mugrugs are adorable!!

  12. I'd have to go light blue too - but as Di &Miss G said - the hexies you used might influence the choice. I'm sure whatever you pick will look great all over.

  13. I'm not one for white, but I like what I see, it makes the flowers pop. Not so fond of the pale blue, but really like the dark blue!

  14. Love both the mug rugs. The hexies look so good. I'm not much help - I cant decide which colour you should choose. With the blocks you have there I like the dark blue, but wonder how it will be with other darker coloured blocks.

  15. The hexies look great but I'm also undecided which looks best, sorry not much help here either. Nice mug rugs.


  16. Hope you got your issue sorted out.
    I like the pale blue and I am in love with those monkeys!

  17. i am with Melody i like the white for the stepping stones and love that cheeky monkey.
    What lovely intial heart swap parcels you have received and sent,well done ladies.xx

  18. I like the white as I felt it made the hexes pop the best but it really is a personally preference , they will be love,y which ever you choose. I really love both mug rugs , so cute ! Good luck with the unwanted visitor .

  19. It doesn't look like we are much help with your colour selection. Personally, I like the dark blue background. You will just have to make the decision knowing that whatever you choose will look good.

  20. All of your hexies look fantastic - it's going to be a wonderful quilt.

  21. Cute hexies. I like the white best. The hexies really seem to stand out on that, or maybe cream? They will look good on whatever background :)

  22. For some reason the blue fleck jumped out at me too.......Wow you have a lot of flowers done! So pretty too........The mug rugs are both lovely! I think our group is doing some wonderful stuff, don't you?

  23. Your fussy-cut hexies are great! I like the dark setting hexies best with them.

  24. Lovely heart gifts !!
    What a beautiful collection of flowers you finally get !! and it's still growing !
    I prefer the light blue but of course you can better choose in real !

  25. Gorgeous mug rugs! wow your hexies look amazing, I won't weigh in with the background options I am just way too unorthodox :)
    Gosh what a pain! Blogger help would be the go, they are pretty on the ball :)


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