Friday, January 11, 2013

Making my List of UFOs (lots of photos)

I have finally organised my UFO’s to take photos and post them on my blog…
This is number one for 2013 and I am pleased to say it is done….You can see it HERE..... At "Sew It's Finished"   Thank you to Wendy and Dawn for organising us again this year.......

Memory Quilt UFO 2013

As there are sew many I am just going to put up the photos
2 stitchery UFO's 2013 
 Christmas Stitcheries X 2.

Christmas ornaments X  2  to complete. Plus 1….

3 Christmas projects UFO's 2013

Christmas Ornie UFO 2013

Flimsy's X 6 to sandwich and quilt. Plus 1 wall hanging and 6 Placemats...

6 Flimy's, Mini wall hanging, placemats. UFO's 2013

Baby Boys Flimsy

Baby Boy's quilt. UFO 2013

              Baby girl Flimsy
baby Girl's quilt.UFO 2013

Blogger’s BOM to put together

Blogger's BOM UFO 2013

"House Blocks" to make into a quilt. I must get that builder organised again…

House Blocks UFO 2013

 "Kaleidoscope Quilt." Workshop done with the Patch Ladies

Kaleidoscope UFO 2013

Mini Cross Stitch…

Mini Cross Stich UFO 2013

                      Needle Case.

Needle Case UFO 2013

Turtle Pincushion…. 

Turltle Pincushion UFO 2013

and I have Three UFO’s from 2011… Wonder if I can get them done this year.

Star Flimsy. A QAL I did in 2011

Star Flimsy from 2011 UFO


"Brutus Blocks" form Red Brolly…  2011

              Quilt Aid Blocks… 2011

Quilt aid Blocks 2011

That’s 30 to start with…Sew you can see I have many UFOs to work on from little to large.. I am sure when I clean out the cave there will be more tucked away in the cupboard and boxes…Wonder how many I can get done this year…

Hugz   Maria


  1. Phew, that makes me feel better!! I am a self-confessed starter. I know you're a finisher so I am glad you have a few hanging around too :o) All the naughty ones of us can hang out together in blogland!
    Good luck!
    Ab x

  2. There are a lot of lovely projects waiting for a "finished" stamp on them!

  3. i will be cheering you on Maria,you can do it.xx

  4. Nice variety of projects there to keep you interested.
    Loving those stars and Brutus of course.
    Enjoy working on these (and whatever else takes your fancy too.)

  5. if I take out all of my unfinished projects, they will take more than a post!!!! I love Brutus and the Quilt Aid blocks, I'm sure you'll finish most of your projects here and they will be great!!

  6. plenty to keep you busy this year! And knowing you, more loveliness to get started! I love the colors of those block of the months the best

  7. Hmmm. Another quite healthy list. They do breed as I have discovered. Good luck with your finishes this year.
    Hugs xx

  8. What fun Maria!!! Imagine how satisfying it will be to work your way through these lovely projects. I have a list that would be this long (at least) but I'm only pulling one out at a time - if I got them all out to take photos I think I would go into shock!!

  9. I don't feel so bad now I know I am not alone with my pile of ufo's , I have not taken the time to count ,it might cause a heart attack ;-)I am sure you can do it Maria !!

  10. Knowing you, you'll be finished with most of them by the end of the month. I'm afraid to make my list, but I better do it over the weekend so I can get started!!

  11. there are some beautiful ufo's there! Have fun getting through them. You can rely on us for encouragement.

  12. Looks like you're gonna have a busy 2013 finishing all those UFO's and I thought I had many!!!

  13. You can do it Maria... or at least a lot of them with the help of your friends. Its always a good idea to list them I think! Sets a goal which you can mark off. :)

  14. Looks like a whole years worth of sewing to me. So many gorgeous projects.

  15. hahahahaha busy girl you will be... I am sure I could do a list like that to but far too scary to even think of xxx

  16. some awesome projects to finish off Maria.... good luck...

  17. Oh my goodness
    You are going to be a busy girl
    Iam sure you can do it
    Look forward to seeing your progress

  18. I am the same...I feel so good...LOL...lovely lot of goodies there Maria.....good luck I know you will get them done...

  19. I'm sure you can get that list down Maria!

  20. At least a lot of those are close to done Maria - lots of great quilt tops already. It will be a happy year of finishes for you. Tracee xx

  21. Your projects look so lovely and you have lots of variety! I look forward to seeing some of them completed!

  22. Ah! Sew many project sand they are all beautiful! Your star flimsy is to die for! Love your puzzle hexie for OFW!

  23. it will be great to follow your progression on these UFO`s. I myself will not torcher me in knowing what I need to get done. but will go forth and surprise myself once in a while with one of my UFO`s and get er done.
    I really love that last one of your UFO`s that is just going to be lovely!!

  24. Wow Maria!! That's alot of UFO's!! It will be fun to see what everything looks like as it is completed!! Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year...

  25. Good luck with all your UFOs, just think how great you will feel with each one as you finish it! Hooray for "Hanging" year to inspire the completions.

  26. So many beautiful projects. Even though there are a lot they are well under way.

  27. So much to do and how many new ones will you start this year (wink), I love the Quilt aid block, so pretty.

  28. Oh Maria.....stop're encouraging me to start ufo's when I look at your pile....I want to do the Red Brolly one and the Quilt Aid one and the ......!!!!!
    Don't worry....we'll all cheer you on as that pile diminishes and makes room for some more!!!
    xox sugary hugs
    wendy :O)

  29. Well done...Gosh I have lots too in their little hiding places and my Quilt Aid one is still in all the monthly packages waiting to be started..oh dear..

  30. I wouldn't even want to count how many I have. You are making me feel not so bad though.


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