Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OFW and Mail In / Out

I do hope someone will join me for OFW run by Karen. This is my flower for this week…


Looks like Polly’s Yogi ……

My gorgeous Swap Block from Isa was in the mail.

Blck from Isa Jan 2013

Just love this “Pineapple Block”

It seems Santa was very busy this year as I received another lovely Christmas gift from Rena in Germany this week…..


Also a beautiful NZ Calender from my bloggy friend Cat..

003 (3)

Thank you ladies for continuing to spoil me……

These are the parcels I popped in the mail today and while I was sitting writing this post I realised I had to add something important to one of them and forgot Sad smile . Wonder if the recipient will notice ?????


Hugz   Maria


  1. love that hexie Maria and lots of lovely gifts there and you are keeping your postman in a job,lol.xx

  2. You're right! That does look like Yogi. Your Pineapple block is amazing. I'd like to make a couple of those, but I don't think I could make an entire quilt. Maybe a table topper someday? Ya know, Santa is getting on in years, so he's apparently slowing down a little. But it's all good, as long as he gets there eventually!

  3. The pineapple block is amazing, and I love your hexies.

  4. love that cute hexie! your pineapple block is gorgeous too!

  5. Christmas is all year long at your house with wonderful parcels arriving all the time. I'm sure someone will join you soon for OFW, a very cute flower you have this week!

  6. You make the cutest hexies... and why shouldn't the good feelings at Xmas continue a little longer! EnJoY iT. :)

  7. Love the pineapple block, always wanted to make one of those, guess it's still on my 'to do' list.

  8. Cute puppy flower.
    Lovely blocks you have received. Looks like it's true Santa took a rest in the middle of his duties last year.
    Enjoy your presents.

  9. another gorgeous hexie flower. Love that pineapple block, the colours are great. Lucky you still getting goodies from santa. Very nice gift from Rena

  10. your hexies always bring a smile to my face... lots of parcels to and fro from your place... like the new header... I take it that is the "boobers"

  11. I love your fun hexagons. They are all wonderful and that pineapple block is fabulous.

  12. OK Girl friend--I am in for the
    fight---I just signed up officially-- and I dont care if mine match this time--I am going to do fussy cutting on this one--so watch out==queen of fussy cutting!!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie
    Oh--love your hexie this week!!!

  13. Maria, that hexie flower is SO cute and all of your other projects are wonderful.
    P.S. I joined you for One-Flower Wednesday :)

  14. Such a sweet Hexie this week.........when are we going to see all the blocks together? That would be exciting. So much mail coming and going too, keeping the mailman busy!

  15. Yes those hexies do look like Yogi! Love all your gifts and in particular that Christmas decoration :-)

  16. what an adorable flower today Maria! And, yes, the pineapple block is magnificent! You are too lucky! I hate when I mail something and then begin to wonder if I forgot anything.....LOL>......

  17. Such a cute hexie. They always look nice. One day I might just start making them like I just started doing cross stitch.

  18. Maria a great hexy flower today as always, I must get my OFW mojo happening again soon.
    and yes I have done that, forgotten to put something in a parcel, darn it!

  19. what a cute hexie, reminds me of our little West Highland terrier...also reminds me that I need to get on to making some hexies as well..


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