Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OFW, Houses and a Nice Parcel….

As we had a long weekend this week I have really lost days. I thought it was Tuesday today… LOL  but no it was Wednesday
and that means I need to post my flower for OFW at Karen's


you can pop over HERE to see some more flowers.

While I was at my DD2’s looking after the Grandies my builder completed the last three houses,


it is a little sad to think my builder has nearly finished his work…

When I went into town today and checked the mail I was delighted to receive a lovely parcel of goodies from Vickie in Humpty Doo…


My Black and White Bag …  Love it.


also there was a gorgeous bookmark, pretty soap and sunscreen..  Thanks heaps Vickie

Good night,
Hugz   Maria


  1. lovely! I especially love the house with the ladybug! My oldest was always fond of ladybugs when she was a little girl

  2. adorable flower this week and your morning glories behind it are lovely. I had them for a few years but then they decided they had to re-seed themselves into my lawn and everything else they could Your black&white bag from Vickie is fabulous.

  3. What a beautiful bag !!
    Your flower is very nice as always !!!
    Your builder has still to make a city !!!

  4. Love the hexie with the specs on the eyes!!! it sorrowful to have the houses done? They will make an amazing finished quilt.

    Nice gifts too, Maria.

  5. Vickie has made you such a gorgeous bag. The last three houses! Now to put the streets together!

  6. Wow your flower is gorgeous. Now the builder is finished the houses it is time for the decorator to come in and put it all together. Looking forward to seeing it.

  7. wow, what an achievement to have finished all your houses!
    great bag from Vickie and a cute flower.

  8. Cute hexie and it must be a tad sad to have finished your houses , can't wait to see them all sewn together :-)

  9. Love the Black and WHite bag! And your houses will need to have streets built, so keep the builder on the payroll for awhile.

  10. Great goodies from Vickie and a very fun flower for your garden! And, the last three houses, that makes me very sad.

  11. I need one of those bags! My sis loves bags, what a great gift that would make. I love the loopy look of your hexie this week.

  12. Cute, cute flower. That bag is gorgeous and I'm so impressed with your little houses.

  13. OH NO a lion in the house! Maria all the houses you've made are just gorgeous, can't wait to see how they all come together... and that bag from Vickie is really lovely & it looks to be a great size, lovely tuck-ins too.... x

  14. Nice treats, lucky you to get such terrific goodies.

  15. What a lovely hexie.
    And your houses are so beautiful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  16. I love your house blocks !!!

  17. So glad it arrived safely and that youlike it-I fell in love with it when making it,love your houses anf flower,cheers Vickie

  18. Maria ,
    your flower hexi and new houses are very cute, love these.
    The new black and white bag is very pretty !

  19. Beautiful bag came your way. Lucky you.

    Glad the builder is almost done, can't wait to see your village all done. Happy paving.

    Cute froggie flower.

  20. Such a cute little houses and love the hexie flower

  21. Wow, love those glasses on the frogs, and I also love your bright cheery houses. Lovely parcel of goodies too.

  22. Lovely houses Maria, your builder has done SUCH a good job! My builder is on the slow side, he hasnt even started yet....

  23. I love the fabric you used for this made me smile really big. (like a kookaburro)


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