Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OFW and OPAM finishes for October.

Oh No it’s Hump Day again sew it's time to post my flower for One Flower Wednesday. 
                                           “Happy Halloween to All”


If you enjoy sewing hexies do came along and join the ladies each week to stitch and post. It is nice to see what Karen and others have make by going HERE.

This month I have been busy doing heaps of sewing but I can only show you a few of my finishes for OPAM as it is secret sewing time. LOL

You can see my Spring 12” mini and Challenge Mini  by clicking HERE !!

Special Rug Mug Swap…..


and finally Taa Dah!!!!!!!   Have finally completed my SAHRR run by my blogging friend Sunny


A big thank you to Peg and Kris for keeping me on track and completing something each month..

Oh and don’t forget to join Cheryll and all us folk who will be stitching on "Friday night with Friends" Would love you to join in....


             Will be fun Ladies and we may get some Christmas sewing done.

Hugz  Maria


  1. wow Maria some beautiful projects there ,well done you have been very busy.xx

  2. gorgeous halloween pumpkins!
    your finished quilt looks amazing.
    cute mug rug
    Well done with your finishes!!

  3. you have been hard at work again! Nice job!

  4. The perfect flower for Halloween! Excellent mug rug and Taa Dah for sure on your SAHRR!

  5. Perfect flower for Halloween.
    Love the snowmen!
    Enjoy sewing.

  6. Wow, Maria! Such lovely projects!! Good job, YOU!! Happy Halloween!!

  7. Love your pumpkin flower. It is perfect for today.

    I saw your quilt mug rug. It looks wonderful. Nice work, Maria.

  8. Love them all especailly the mug rug.

  9. Lovely projects, the little pumpkin hexagon flower and your little house quilt is adorable....look at the little clothesline! But the most beautiful of all is the Snowman Mug Rug....I wish I had one exactly like that! Oh, Wait!..I do have one exactly like that! And I love it. Thank you!

  10. Beautiful Maria ,
    you have been very busy ,love your pumpkin hexie !

    Happy Halloween !!!

  11. Wow Maria! So many beautiful goodies there and another fantastic hexagon. You finished quilt is wonderful.

  12. OMG! What a darling hexie flower. And WTG with all your completed and on-going projects. You have been so productive.

  13. Maria you certainly have been busy! Just love all of your creative work!

  14. Love those Halloween Pumpkins, look great on the Hexi..

  15. Your hexie pumpkin flower is amazing! You did a wonderful job with the fussy cutting.
    Love the mug rug - you can never go wrong with snowmen as far as I'm concerned and your redwork is just adorable.
    WOW! Your SAHRR quilt is truly amazing!!

  16. what a perfect block for Halloween!

  17. I am SO impressed that you have finished your SAHRR!!!!! Doesn't it look great?! I haven't looked at mine for a while :-( Cute mug rug!


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