Friday, October 19, 2012

Washing,Secret Sewing and Minis…

It was a nice sunny but windy day on Wednesday. Perfect for washing fabrics. 

There is always a lot of debate about wether to wash or not to wash but just look at the water.

005 (2)


and it took 6 washes before I was happy to hang the reds on the line with the others…




I love this sort of washing blowing in the breeze.

After it was dry and ironed I was able to cut it up for my Secret Sewing……




My “Spring Mini Swap” has arrived at my partners so I am able to show you what I sent to Clare.. Thanks to our  "Swap Mum Cheryll" for another fun swap.




In July at our "PATCH" retreat we were give a FQ of ugly batik fabric and our challenge was to make a miniature/doll quilt using all or some of it..


I used the fabric in some of the points,border and backing.

The corner stones are 2 1/4” . I put the bobbin in the centre of the star to show how tiny the flying geese are…



We have till next October to finish the challenge for our hanging but I am pleased my is done. Only hope I don’t put it in a safe place and loose it..LOL


Have a great weekend and I hope you get to stitch.

Hugz  Maria


  1. reds are always the worst for running.

  2. wow Maria,love your spring mini and your little quilt is stunning what a great job you have done.xx

  3. Your mini quilt is just gorgeous Maria. I'm sure Clare loved it. Red is one colour I always make sure I wash. Your miniature quilt looks great. It's a bit hard to tell which is the ugly fabric!

  4. a whole year from now??? Yes, I would lose it. Looks lovely, as does your spring mini (you know I adore your stitchery!). Love the fabric hanging on the line! I wish I could do that, but it's too humid here. the laundry would never dry

  5. Where to start... the MiNi is fantastic..LoVe it! The challenge is gorgeous even with "ugly" fabric... and your secret sewing looks interesting to say the least! Wow you've been busy! :)

  6. Wow you've just convinced me I need to wash!

  7. Oh dear...I never your mini...and the challenge looks so good....

  8. wow all that colour, I better make sure I was my new red stash before I use them. Love your spring mini!
    Your doll quilt looks great too. If you do misplace it you will have photographic evidence of having done it. Such tiny pieces!

  9. Love washing blowing in the breeze like that.
    Very nice use of your 'ugly'.

    Lucky Clare that sure is a fun spring mini.

    Enjoy the secrets.

  10. We always have to take care with the reds !!! I love this kind of washing too !!
    Lovely minis !

  11. I try to wash most of my fabric unless it is going into something I know won't be washed like the little mini quilts. Your little quilt with the stitchery is adorable!!

  12. OHHHH, Maria!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the embroidery mini quilt on the stand!! Adorable!! Good job you!

  13. Such a lot of loose dye in those reds, just as well its all out now. I love your miniature quilt with tiny geese. Its a shame you didn't like the beautiful sea green Bali fabric, it is one of my favourites and I found it very hard to cut up my 5 metres into fat quarters for the challenge. Oh well ugly for some and treasure for others!

  14. Love your spring mini , Maria and the other doll quilt, too !
    Yes, take care with all the reds , I`m looking forward to all the beautiful work , you will sew next time .

  15. long time since I visited blogs, and, as always, you surprise me with many nice projects you are working on.
    Love the spring mini quilt and the small pieces in your batik. It's great!! we are entering fall now here, enjoy the flowers season!!

  16. Your mini quilt is gorgeous and I love the star quilt too!

  17. Wow that red water looks scary, good thinking to wash it.
    Your mini to Clare is just gorgeous, just adorable, well done...

  18. I do love my mini, I do! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh and I don't prewash fabrics either but I had a distater with a red/white/aqua quilt I made for charity...the red ran and turned the white pink and made a few blodgy marks...I will not buy cheap red fabric again and I will always test it now...


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