Saturday, August 18, 2012

Very Frustrated !!!!!!!!

Last night or should I say early this morning I wanted to post about FNSI and Sarah's Pre-Cut Linky Party. I always write my post in Windows Live. This morning each time I TRIED to post it to my blog I got a window that said.

Can't publish files...
The remote sever returned an error (403)

Is there anybody out there that has had this problem and is able to help me in SIMPLE terms to fix it...
Would appriciate your help thank you


  1. sorry Maria i cant help but i hope it fixes for you soon.xx

  2. ugh that's lousy. I wouldn't know what to do either. Just go sew some more and hopefully it will straighten itself out

  3. My only advice would be to reboot your computer. I'm computer illiterate, but that's the first thing my dh would suggest.

  4. I understand your frustrations..As long as everything works, I am fine..
    I hope others have suggestions that will help! I think Sunny has a great idea.

  5. I had that happen to me a few weeks back. I tried rebooting,and googled the problem hoping someone had a remedy. I tried again over a few days but always with the same result. In the end I uninstalled the program, waited a day or two then installed it again. So far it is still working fine.
    Sorry I dont have any other answer to the problem.


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