Monday, August 6, 2012

Mail in/out and busy weekend.

Swap blocks in from

004 (2)
Adelaide and
thank you ladies for my lovely blocks and gifts.

Pleased to receive this wee book too..


Lots lovely projects in there.

OUT… A block for Pam


A Granny Square table runner for my  “Once a Season Spring Swap” run by Cheryll


and a sneak peek of another swap that went overseas.

005 (3)

After organising my swaps for the mail I really needed to clean up the cave AGAIN….

006 (2)

That’s better, now I was able to finish some of my projects.


two bags..One for a secret swap


the other for my GD1.

It was a beautiful Sunny day here  so I spent some time doing this



before going for a lovely walk along the marina with my friend..

On my return I did a little more painting…

007 (2)

What did you do this weekend????

Hugz Maria


  1. Love your table runner! And I can't wait to see the rest of your secret swap gift. I know where it's going, so I'll be watching her blog. We've been putzing around the house all weekend, cleaning out the freezers, doing little chores. I need to get several packages ready for the mail today, because DH said he'd go to the Post Office for me tomorrow!!!! Have a great week.

  2. I have the simple life book & just love it! I know you will too. Ohhhhh and swaps going overseas? That's funny I mailed one overseas this week too!

  3. Great swaps, Maria, and I love your totes. GD1 is going to love that one.

    The runner in grannies turned out just beautifully.

    I had to clean up my cave yesterday too. It was a disaster.

  4. WOW haven't you been busy
    LOVE the before and after shots of the cave - aha yep mine looks a lot like the before shot

  5. Some lovely blocks both in and out and I love the runner , lucky gal who receives it . This weekend I babysat my two granddaughters , 4-7 so it was a busy time but lots of fun and laughs. Enjoy your week. hugs Sheila

  6. wow Maria you have done heaps i got tired reading all the things you did,lots of lovely things sent and received and i really love your GD's bag its stunning,hope you are resting now.xx

  7. I sure love allll the things you did and made this week-week end!!!
    I really love love that tote bage with the log cabin blocks!!!
    what have I done--am working on another hand quilting quilt--
    working on some knitting projects--oh and I did finish one knitting project--enjoyed sitting outside under the tree knitting the last two evenings--too rainy tonight--and spent alot of time thinking about alllll the projects I want to make!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  8. Hello Maria,

    Great blocks,bags and books. I did lots of weeding and rose pruning on the weekend and I tell you my back was out this morning. Have a great day.

  9. Not so busy as you !!!
    I love your cave... it must be pleasant to sew in it !!

  10. Those are fun project you are pushing out of that cave. Love your bags and the little peek is looks very interesting.
    Enjoy your tidy space.

  11. Goodness me! What a busy couple of days nd so many lovely goodies to show.

  12. A very busy and productive weekend by the look of it Maria. The bag that you made for your GD1 is very striking!

  13. looks like you have been busy - love those blocks and your table runner is really pretty!

  14. Spring must be in the air, look at you go!

  15. You have been very busy! The table runner is beautiful and I love the bags. I look forward to receiving my mug rug and will be sending yours out in tomorrow's mail.

  16. hi Maria, love my table runner, love the colours and the pattern and the thread needles and far 1/4, thanks so much.......Pam xxxx


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