Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy Four Days (long post, may need a cuppa)

Thursday I went into town to have my car serviced and had lunch with my GD1 and GDD1…
You can see Alexis enjoyed hers…


Then for a little retail therapy .. Couldn’t leave these lovely kits that were on sale for half price…


Friday was my exercise group in the morning with a coffee afterwards.
In the afternoon I got to work re-potting these tiny pots .


 into these


When they are a bit bigger I will plant them out on the block in the area DH has cleared.


Time to get the trailer and pick up some of the sticks left behind.
I even had an assistant to help load …

Other way Lacy….

Saturday was “The Patches” Mystery tour…

All ready to get on the Big Orange School Bus…                 
I think Miles,the bus driver, is a very brave man spending a whole day driving 31 ladies around….. 


First stop was at Greenough Cafe for morning tea/coffee


with lovely fresh scones , cream and jam.
  Broome 314

On to a pioneer Museum. The home has been beautifully restored and looked after by care takers.

013  Dining room

014  Bedroom


Children’s Bedroom/nursery


it even had some old sewing machines


pleased we don’t have to wash in these anymore

or use this…..


Next stop was Geraldton and we went to Latetude Pearls


and were given a very interesting talk about how they farm the pearls at the Abrolhos Island.
then over the road to a gorgeous gift shop…
Back on the bus and a scenic drive to the Lavender Farm for a delicious lunch..

View from the dining room…

Hmmmm!! Pavlova, my favourite sweet…

Broome 344

a photo shoot  before we get on the bus for our drive to Margaret and Robert’s place to see


their HUGE tin collection, nearly 5000 different ones. Just amazing… and amongst them all I found this one


Nearly fifty years ago  my Father used to import this tin with biscuits in from the Nederland's…

Time to start making our way home. One last stop to have a look at the Wind Farm…


Then some wine and cheese to finish the day at Pat and Barry’s beautifully restored historic home “The Rectory” in Dongara.

A Big thank to these two special ladies for organising our fabulous day…


Sunday Brekky with my swimming (bobbing) buddies in town and then I picked up sticks and pruned some trees. Loaded  and unloaded three huge trailers.


showered, cooked dinner,dishes and now I hope to do a little stitching…………
What did you do over the weekend????
Hugz Maria


  1. Oh my gosh!!!! What a delightful post and a precious grandaughter!

    Thanks for the tour...I would have loved being with you!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Loved all the photos of your little trip...I love taking excursions like that! And even if you had to do some work on was all good - you had your trusty helper Lacy to work with you! Plus, your little Alexis is adorable! :o)



  3. I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!!!! It looks like you had an amazing bus trip. What fun!

    Your lunch date with the little one must have been special too. Such a cutie!

    Lacey looks like she is a big helper with all of those chores.

    Your new header is beautiful. I love the flower's color.

  4. oh Lord, you make me winded! I had 2 days off and put 3 quilt tops together for my grandies, just the super simple D9 patch using 8" squares. Your day sounds wonderful. I should be so lucky, eh? I have to go to post some pics now, rest up and thank you for sharing~~Elaine

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love that tin collection:-)

  6. Oh la la !!! what a week end !!! Now you must take a rest and stitch !!

  7. I need a nap after reading all that. What a fun bus trip. You packed a lot into your day. What group did you go with? Was it your Red-hatters? Alexis is adorable - looks like she was having a good time.

  8. forgot to mention the flowers in you header - Amazing!!

  9. What a great few days - fabulous to visit the museum and the tin collection - and all the rest!! And when you got home you didn't rest up, you carried on working! Alexis is very cute, even with lunch on her face!

  10. what an exciting life you have! That Alexis is getting so big! This weekend.... spent time with my awesome parents visiting, went to a local quilt show & out to dinner, bought fabric (duh!) went to church... is that enough?

  11. WOW! How busy have you been! Looks like a fun bus trip. I wonder if Miles had ear plugs to block all that chatter from everyone! LOL!

  12. Oh my goodness... I think yoiu need the new week to rest.... what a lot of fun was that mystery tour ... such a cute pic of Alexis enjoying her lunch!!

  13. whew Maria you made me tired just looking at all what you have done.Love these goodies you got at 1/2 price gorgeous colours and what a lovely day you had touring around.Love the pic of Lacy helping.xx

  14. What are those flowers in your header--how neat they look??? are they at your place???
    I am tired now but have a smile on my face reading all about your adventures--way to go girl!!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie
    Oh,what did I do--
    just alot of nursing my "poor pain" in the side of my face and doing some stitching!!!

  15. Miss A looks so cute. You took heaps more pics of the tour than I did. Well done.

  16. Wow! Busy weekend. But you saw the grandchildren, got lots of exercise and had an interesting tour in town. What could be better? Well only if you got to add a little sewing. :)

  17. What a great mystery tour! I love the photos of that beautiful museum and how interesting about the pearls!Lovely photo of Lacey helping :-)and obviously little Alexis loves her food! lol

  18. Looks like you had great fun on the tour, and had a very busy day in the garden!

  19. Hello Maria,

    Lots of lovely places you visited on the bus tour. Our kids slept in a old cot like the one in the photo, borrowed it from a friend and loved it. Your little Grandie is so cute.
    Happy gardeing.

  20. Wow! And I thought my weekend was busy.

  21. Sounds and looks like a wonderful day out, with lots to see. The tin collection is amazing.

  22. What a full on weekend you the interesting photos from your bus trip and that cute photo of Lacy making off with the stick..

  23. Wow soo busy. My dad grew up in Dongara/ three Speings are. He went to schools in Geraldton too.

  24. Sounds like you had a very busy and enjoyable weekend. I am loving your hexagons and houses.


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