Tuesday, August 21, 2012


after uninstalling Windows Live Writer etc and waiting a few days and reinstalling . I still couldn’t send my post to my blog…
Each time I would get a pop up saying unable to publish error 403.. Ekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

I am posting this on my laptop…….. and it worked. Guess the problem is with my computter????

Anyone have a clue to how to fix it???????


  1. i have been having trouble with mine maria.I had to uninstall incredimail as it was clasing with my google chrome so i uninstalled that as well and installed google chrome again and its great even blogs that i couldnt comment on before i now can and my pics you can scroll through again,hope this might help you.xx

  2. How horrible! I'm sorry, I have no idea what you can do. Good luck to you, you're troubles are in my thoughts, Elaine

  3. So ansd so computers
    Why do things have to change when they are working well
    Hope you get it sorted

  4. Personally, I'd probably stomp on it, throw it out the window, and buy a new one. Not the answer you were hoping for? Sorry.

  5. Aargh. Darn. It didnt work for you. Sorry I have no more suggestions. Hope someone can help you gt it back working again.

  6. How frustrating! I know that I could not use the new blogger on my desktop so had to revert to the old interface. The computer must be blocking some aspect of the program.


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