Monday, March 19, 2012

This and That

the weather in this part of the world has been lovely the past few days and the water is just BEAUTIFUL in the morning for our swims.


this is the view as we sit and have a coffee afterwards…….


and then home to finish off some stitching.

First my Bingo card


You can pop over to Tonya's if you would like to play along.

A Little “Chook” hanging.      015

Another Christmas Stitchery needed to be framed..

then went to water the trees on the block with a little help…..


Lacy just LOVES water and of course the mud……. Wanted a photo of her very black tummy before she turned over but she was too quick.


  1. Oh and again with the beach - sigh! Enjoy it for me! love the bingo card - soooo cute! cute little Christmas stitcherie and chooky wall hanging too - but you can't beat Lacy for lovable! Give her a scratch from me!

  2. Your weather looks fabulous and the views you showed....funny how dogs always find some mud or something to roll in..

  3. You are so lucky to live so close to the ocean! It must be heaven to take that morning swim.
    I love your stitching...
    And your dog is cute! Sometimes it's impossible to take good photos of them, they move so fast:-)

  4. Lots of lovely finishes here. I think the chooks are very cute, and the Christmas tree looks perfect in those colours.
    Enjoy the ocean and your little helper.

  5. Lacy is so funny Maria,and what a beautiful spot you live in.xx

  6. beautiful finishes! My sewing room is empty, waiting for new flooring to be installed.... I can't wait to put it back together & get creative again!

  7. Wow Mum,

    That chook wall hanging is cute.
    That dog of ours is a classic, I can imagine colour of her belly.

    Kids are so desperate to see her again.
    Will has to see whats on for Easter.

    Love Sandra

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  9. I always forget to tell you so I am going to do it first , I love the photo in your header , that sky is incredible .Now I also love those beach photos , how inviting is that water ,lucky you to have a chance to swim there so often . Lots of beautiful work happening too , love the stitchery . hugs Sheila

  10. A little swim looks like the perfect start for the day.

    Your Bingo card is darling! It is going to be such a fun game.

    The chicken quilt is wonderful. Are you going to hang it in your home or is that a gift for someone?

    It looks like you have plenty of help with watering. I suppose you have lots of cleanup after he has been playing in the mud. ;(

  11. Your photo of your morning swiming is beautiful Maria , the water looks so clear ! I wish , I could stay with you ;o)))
    Your little chook Wallhanging and your Christmas Stitchery are very lovely !

  12. I love the worm with your bingo quilt. The chicken hanger and Christmas tree stitchery are lovely. And what can I can about Lacy? She's just so cute!

  13. love your view, love your bingo card, love your chooks, love your christmas tree and love lacy.... great work

  14. O MY - everything is so beautiful! That little worm really sets your Bingo card off & OF COURSE that is the cutest little chicken setting off the chooks wallhanging. I have never seen anything like that. It is precious.

    You are indeed - A FORCE to be reckoned with!
    I know what that little "black-belly" looks like because our pekingese loves to Slide down the bank behind our house & her bell stays BLACK. LOL

  15. I like your chookhanging! And I wish I could go for a swim every day, but at least the snow is gone and I'm waiting for spring to come!

  16. I love seeing your goodies! Love seeing the beach. I am in the mood to head that way but probably won't happen this year. Looks like you have a great time!!!

  17. Oh my, I want to be there swimming with you, getting salt on my skin, soaking up the rays of the sun, going home to shower off the sand and the salt and put on a sheer, cool dress because the day is sooo hot...

  18. Your hexie is so cute love it happy quilting jinnie


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