Friday, March 16, 2012


I got up early this morning to do a load of washing before going to my exercise group.
Filled the machine,put in the clothes and then when it was time to pump out the water, NOTHING HAPPENED. Grrrrrr!!!!
Pulled the wet washing out, DH dragged the machine outside, opened the back to check the pump.
OH NO!!!!! Look what was blocking the pump. A $5 note…


DH was not very happy with me as this is what happened only a few months ago…… A $10 note….

$10 blocked washing machine pump

I must check pockets…..
Ah well machine is finished now so will hang the washing and go into town in time for coffee with the exercise girls…


  1. I am so bad about checking pockets too!!! lol

  2. Well, I never would have pegged you for a money launderer! Ha Ha

  3. I'd check pockets for notes, I only get washers, nuts and bolts and old toothpicks.
    You may have missed your exercises but at least you'll be in time for the coffee and cake you all enjoy afterwards!

  4. LOL! Having a good chuckle at what Jan-Maree said! I always check pockets before I do the laundry because my hubby is infamous for leaving crumpled up paper towels and tissues in them. I also usually find a few screws and pens, too!

    Glad you found the problem and didn't need an expensive repair on your washer....and that you at least got to have coffee with the girls!



  5. Oh my... they really are well munched!! that's 2 fat quarters down the gurgle!!! hope the coffee was excellent!

  6. ohhh nooo not good.
    Enjoy being with your friends Maria.xx

  7. I figure any money I find in the washer is mine. So far this month I have made 53 cents. mostly pennies and nickels. I am working toward my first $1,000,000.

  8. Check again next week.. it may multiply & become $20.00 or $50.00 or even better...$100.00
    Imagine the fun at your LQS with that! :)

  9. I think I might learn how to disconnect that pump myself and get paid for it :)

  10. I would be taping it back together!!!!!!! the pump thing just happened here too but it was a sock.

  11. Oh ! no Maria that is too bad I always check ,but I am not very lucky, hope you didn't let it spoil your day out , have a nice day .

  12. Those chewed up bills look hilarious. How could hubby not laugh?

  13. I think it is definitely worth checking pockets at your place, I check everyone's pockets and whatever I find is my commission!

  14. That money sure screwed up your plans!
    I did have a good chuckle though - Thanks.

  15. Flipping Heck!! If I thought there was going to be money in I would be checking every single pocket!! All I find is used tissues!!!

  16. If you don't need the money, please send it my way! I always check pockets, and it's "finders keepers" at our house. The most I've ever found is $5. An occasional dime, and lots of tissues.

  17. These notes look mashed. I thought that they were supposed to survive the wash cycle - wasn't that part of the advertising when we switched to the plastic notes!!
    Still as long as they are clean you can always use them.
    Thanks for the reminder to check pockets - I have a huge pile of laundry waiting for me tomorrow.

  18. I would definately check pockets, there is some good quilting fabric money gone there :). My daughter is a hairdresser and when she lived at home the washing machine man had a few visits and it was always hair pins.

  19. I never check pockets. My family learned early on that if they don't check their own pockets they will lose whatever was in them. Hubby has washed his wallet several times lol.

    You should be able to take those bills to a bank and get a replacement for them.

  20. Oh No! Money down the drain..or Not! ;-)
    My Mama used to leave tissues in her pockets. When I would forget to check them what a mess!I did wash a driving permit one time as well! Hope all is well again and you enjoyed a grand day with friends!

  21. Grr all right!I usually get old fence staples and washers - but the occasional note that has gone through hasn't been mangled like that = whew!Hope your day/week improves!

  22. What a shame !!!

    Better ,you are buying some fabric
    for this :o)

  23. I really loved Jan-Maree's comment -that was so cute.

    Can you tell that all of us "gals" find a lot more humor in your experience than your DH did?? LOL

    Maybe you could "take him out as a treat"? LOL

  24. Think of the fabric $15 could buy you -
    I don't know which I would be more annoyed over - the blocked water or the thrown away money


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