Sunday, March 11, 2012


Even though it is officially AUTUMN down under we are still having lots of days over 40 deg Celsius. It is just so nice to go for my morning bob with the ladies.


Not much sewing this weekend but did manage to finish my applique row on my SAHR. Will do more embellishing when I quilt it.


Can you see I am one spool short ??? Can’t find it anywhere so will have to make another before I start on my Braid Border.

and I have also joined this……..  BINGO..


Should be fun.


  1. stunning quilt Maria,i hadnt noticed the missing spool until you said.xx

  2. I love it , great idea for the applique and don't think I would have noticed the missing spool right away either ,just wonderful!

  3. I had to search for where the missing spool goes too! so lovely, can't wait to see the next border

  4. Your quilt is looking great! You have put alot of work into it and it will be stunning when finished.

    I was just jotting down the colors so I could go and find some fabric for my BINGO card. Sounds like fun!

  5. Looks good and great to see your progress!! Good idea to combine the appliqué and pinwheel/hour glass round! (I've finished my pinwheels and am now thinking about the appliqué).

  6. Oh My Gosh - your applique is so wonderfully appropriate!! Such a creative genious. I wish it was warm enough here to go bobbing in the ocean. BUt Spring is coming....

  7. Love that quilt!! You do great work. I had to search for the missing spool. I would have never noticed.

  8. I heard there was another heat wave down your way.... nice to have the sea close enough for bobbing.... love the quilt - just great.. and I wouldn't have noticed the missing spool either... but not you have mentioned it!! glad to have another bingo buddy...

  9. Your quilt is looking great Maria.

  10. Ahhh, the beach - SO JEALOUS! I know you only show those pics to make me jealous! Love the quilt too!

  11. Boy I wished near the beach--even though I can not swim!!!!
    Love how your quilt is coming--great job!!!
    Have a great week--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  12. Lovely beach you get to bob in lucky you have the weather for it!
    Gorgeous quilt you are putting together there with all the fun elements playing together nicely.
    Enjoy - hope you get some cool soon.

  13. Love the quilt.....we are having lovely weather here...

  14. Lovely weather not autumnal at all. exciting piece of work there, it's new design is eye catching

  15. You work is really beautiful!

    40*C???? No wonder the bob feels terrific. Hope it cools down for you soon.

    Glad to see you are joining the BINGO. It sould be fun.

  16. Beautiful quilt block usual! Love the heat..pity we didn't get our share this summer..oh well!
    I have been thinking about the "bingo" just haven't decided yet. Time may play a part in my decision!

  17. Your blog header looks so HOT, and then there is the refreshing dip in the ocean. I love to see those photos of you and your friends swimming in the ocean. Beautiful quilt and I love the spools. I'm going to play BINGO but haven't made my card yet.


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