Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Flower Wednesday/ Great Mail and a finish.

I am a little late posting my flower this week as we had a power blackout sew could not post earlier.
My DD1 gave me this cute little fella to put in the garden.I brought him inside and sat him on my kitchen bench and he did give me enough light to wash my dishes by. thanks Jo!!
Powers back on Yeh!!

I took the photo of my Flower in a native shrub growing in our front yard this afternoon. As it is Spring in Aussie it is covered in beautiful little white bottlebrush flowers that have a lovely scent.
By joining Karen and the other ladies I make at least one flower every week.Maybe I can do a few more this week!

  Received some great parcels in the mail.


My last gifts from Christine for my Secret Santa Swap


and she popped in a surprise gift I could open NOW. 

WOW!! 006

Cat also sent me two beautiful FQ’s 005

Both were pressies for my B/D. Thank you ladies for your great gifts.

and my YUMMY fabrics I bought.


This “Pirate Quilt” is the first one I quilted using “Maggie”


read the story at  " The Patch."   Was delighted with my quick finish.

It really is a “Dog’s Life”



  1. Great post, Maria and I LOVE your new flower!! Looks like you are going to be busy with all your new fabric!! Enjoy!! Kris

  2. Your flower looks so pretty in that beautiful bush, Maria. And what fun parcels you'll be getting one from me soon!

    Lacy is just the cutest thing....looks like she has made herself right at home!



  3. Love the bottlebrush flowers. I wish my postman had been as generous as yours - Lots of nice things for you to play with. Lacy looks like she rules the house now.

  4. Beautiful hexie flower and beautiful that it is spring in Australia. We are enjoying the fall weather in the USA.

  5. Great garden light and pretty new hexie flower.

    Lucky dog!!!

  6. Lovely butterfly flower, so cute.The dog as realy a dog`s life.

  7. Love your cute hexie and that's a beautiful flowering plant. Lacy made my smile.

  8. The bottlebrush flowers look very interesting and a great display spot for your pretty hexie. Lots of interesting mail as well , and all that pretty fabric will keep you busy creating :-)

  9. fantastic hexie flower I love it
    and yeah lots of parcels - I love happy mail

  10. How annoying not having any power. At least you didn't have to do any vacuuming of ironing! lol It's so nice getting parcels in the mail. Yummy fabrics. Can't wait to see what you have planned for them. Hugs, Christine

  11. wonderful flower as always! It is still Wednesday here so you are all set!

  12. I love the butterflies on your flower and the chook light is cute. Maybe you should get a torch as well :)

  13. another super flower!
    Love all those fabrics. They should keep you busy.
    Well done on your finished quilt! Poor Lacy seems tired out from her efforts lol.

  14. Very exciting mail... how long did you sit and stroke the fabric's for???? and wonder what would look wonderful made in them... very at home puppy xxx

  15. Love you hexie flower and love the wonderful bottlebrush flower.

  16. Hello Maria,

    Lovely post and how lucky to be given that chicken by your daughter. Having no power is a real pain. Your puppy is right at home,I wonder how many pats a day she gets.
    Happy days.

  17. Great post with lots of goodies to admire. I had a "Maria" day at the PO today with 5 parcels arriving for me.

  18. Now that is a very bright and beautiful flower amongst the bottlebrush! Lovely parcels too!

  19. Pretty butterfly flower, so colorful. Adorable puppy.

  20. What a fun hexie! Love the bright colors!

  21. That was a FuN visit.. with lots to admire. Hexie, puppy, quilt and gifts WOW! :)

  22. what a lovely hexie maria and boy what lovely parcels to receive and look at puppy so relaxed,lol.great post maria.


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