Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One Flower Wednesday etc.

Last night I sat down to stitch my flower to add to my garden.
It is sew nice to pop over to visit the other ladies participating in One Flower Wednesday. Thanks Karen.

On the weekend I made my swap blocks
Christmas block Swap. 
     007 (2)

                                                        Aussie Swap Block

Did some secret sewing

024 (2)
                                               006 (2)

Organised some gifts to go in the mail on Monday.

9.10.11 For Christine's Santa Swap

When at the post office there was a parcel for me from Lyn.

001 (3)
What lovely FQ’s, scissors fob plus a few small gifts.
Thank you sew much Lyn.

Who’s a clever girl????

one   two

Lacy learned to go through the doggy door.



  1. Your flower looks so cute. How are you finding time for sewing while potty training a puppy? It's great to have her find access through the doggie door.

  2. Way to go Lacy! You always have the cutest hexie flowers. I haven't made one the last couple of weeks, so I better put that on my list for today. Enjoy your Milo!

  3. My goodness, you've been busy. The fabric you've used for the hexie flower is so cute and so appropriate for a home with a new puppy.

  4. Gorgeous fun hexie flower Maria.You have been very busy making blocks and posting - I like your Christmas swap block. Now you will be able to listen to the clatter of the 'cat' door all day as Lacy explores the world!

  5. You've been busy again Maria! Lovely package from Lyn. Lacy is so cute. She certainly is a clever girl, learning how to go through her doggy door!

  6. How cute is your puppy hexie and your Lacy....hugs

  7. Lacy is gorgeous and clever..what a great combination! :)

  8. Your hexie flower is adorable but not as cute as clever Miss Lacy!!

  9. another gorgeous hexie and love your swap blocks too.
    Well done Lacy!

  10. great work as always! & nice job Lacy!

  11. what a fun post, I love it all... super cute hexies, beautiful blocks, clever sneakie peaks and such a smart Lacy....

  12. Hooray for Lacy, she needs to grow another inch to stop her tummy getting rubbed!
    Good pressies arriving too.

  13. Forgot to say how perfect the hexie "doggies" was ! :)

  14. Looks like a sweat shop opened at your house to Mum.
    Good work Lacy, that is no mean feet getting through that door it is heavy. Love to see more Lacy photos Mum, squids are hanging out.

  15. I love everyone's fussy cut flowers. So much fun!

    Lacy is adorable!!

  16. Cute bocks, love the fussy cutting of the hexies and the colours in the basket block... Good girl Lacy!

  17. lucy looks so adorable coming thru her doggy door!

  18. Hi Maria,
    Since we have multiple doggies we decided that we spent all of our time opening and closing doors for the furbabies-I told DH that we were wearing the hinges out -so - one day he went to work on a doggie door and it was such a wonderful project. Now our furbabies come and go as they please.

    We had got back one of our furbabies that had not been granted the care that she deserved . She spent her time Locked up in a crate-75% of the time -so we got her back and that day she discovered OUR doggie door. It was SOOOO funny because she spent the entire week going out and coming in-going out and coming right back in -like she was afraid it would disappear. LOL

  19. Bravo for Lacy !!
    Your blocks are very nice !

  20. Missed this post last week, very cute puppy flower, and yes she is a cleaver girl to figure out the doggy door.


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