Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keeping Busy!

I have been keeping very busy with wrapping and packing gifts for both my Secret Santa Swap and Advent Swap.



I was so pleased to have them in the post on Friday.


As you can see my Sack from Christine is filling up.
It will be such fun to open the gifts on Christmas morning. My DD2 is also in the swap and will be at our home for Christmas. That will make it even better to both have sacks with gifts to open.

Oh No only 41 days to go and I still have lots to do.

On Saturday I had lunch with the Red Hatters. We are only a very small group  but it always lovely to catch up and enjoy time together for a meal and chat.


“Hmmmmmmm!!!   What’s going on here???”


Who Me!! Nov 22011

“Ahhh!!!  I have no idea what you are talking about??”


  1. Lacy is so cute. It makes me want a puppy. DD1's boyfriend's mother's dog had puppies. Winter time is not a good time to house train a dog tho. Rocco is greatly missed tho and seeing this sweet little girl makes me want a puppy to cuddle.

  2. So nice to catchup with friends. How could you be cross with that gorgeous face looking up at you! Perhaps Lacy just wanted to read the sports pages! lol

  3. catching up with friends is a wonderful way to spend a day.
    I have two more parcels to post and then my swaps are over until the new year

  4. what a lovely catch up.
    Poor Lacy to be caught with that incriminating evidence. I am sure she is innocent though. The cat did it!

  5. Your sack is looking good Maria... it is going to be so exciting to open them all... this swap was such a great idea I do hope Cheryll does it again next year... love those hats ladies and what a little cutie how could you growl at that xxx

  6. Good for you for getting all your projects ready to post. I still have a few things to finish. I can't wait to open my Santa Sack! It's getting so full. Lacy is too cute.

  7. lol,dont look at me,lol doesnt he look so innocent.
    Maria are you in Fee's advent swap.
    What fun with your daughter being in the swap as well,lots of fun,which is your daughters blog Maria i will pop over for a visit.

  8. Hello Maria,

    Christmas morning will be so much fun for the both of you.
    Happy Monday.

    p.s my word verification is "rednes" how cool is that.

  9. Isn't it a tricky time to be posting photos of what you've done but not being able to share it??!! You are accumulating quite a little sack of goodies there aren't you :-) As soon as we spread a newspaper out on the floor we have either 2 cats or the dog to disrupt our reading - looks like Lacy is settling in well!

  10. Oh sooo much spunk for such a little guy! Educated though as he reads the paper! :)

  11. So much coming and going in the goodies scene. I'm ready to post mine too. Hooray.


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