Friday, August 12, 2011

Who’s been a Busy Girl ???

When I woke this morning I decided one way to get back into the mood for sewing was to organise my cave and get a few swaps done.



So after brekkie and before going to exercise I managed to empty and tidy ONE box of fabrics.


On my return it was too nice to work inside so thought I would attack the weeds with these.



First I had to find the hose


and roll it up.

After mowing here

013 (2)

I found this. Can you see the line. It goes from behind the house over our driveway and into the trees on the other side.


What busy little fellows ( Ants). Running up and down hundreds of times to make the track. We could not see them when the grass was long.  ( Click on photo to get a better look.)


Looks so much better and in a few weeks the spray will do the rest of the job.


After a nice long shower I sat down for dinner. AS DH is off rescueing a friend I cooked up a big pan of Beef Stir Fry last night so only had to heat it.


Yum!! Some Honey Greek Yogurt for afters.


Now I will make a coffee and go back into the cave and do some more tidying.


  1. What is it that made the tracks?

    You were a busy gal, for sure! Doesn't it feel good to get it done though?

  2. Are they ants in the track? They must be going very fast, I can hardly see them.

  3. Oh Maria.. you DID have a big day.. with lots accomplished!
    I don't even want to think about our yard and plant growth,being away so long.. but at least its winter. Spring is on its way though. Loved your pic's! Cheers

  4. Well you put in an honest day's work. Hope you got in some sewing before bedtime!

  5. What a great day you have had. Sometimes the weather does call for outdoor activities before the 'cave'. You got alot done-hope the sewing happened as well.

  6. It is amazing what rain can do to make things grow but why do weeds grow so much better than the plants we love??? We have so much feed here for the stock and the chooks are enjoying the weeds I throw to them xxx

  7. What a great day you had and achieved so much - are you feeling better for it?
    Those ants are incredible!

  8. You certainly manage to fit a lot into your day! Those ants are amazing, making that track.

  9. It always feels good to have a tidy up but mine never seems to stay tidy for long
    Garden or sewing room

  10. O My Gosh Maria!
    You sure have been a Very Busy Gal! That is so much to accomplish in one day.

    I like tidying up the fabrics too, because it gives me new ideas.

    Those ants certainly were carrying on the work , weren't they. LOL

    You DH should be Very Proud of you for all that yard work you accomplished!

  11. Great post.. and so much done...well done.... loved the ants.. .they might be pests but they are pretty amazing...

  12. Sometimes it is too nice to stay indoors- you've had a busy day-

  13. Hello Maria,

    Glad you got back into sewing. We have lots of weeds to,good for the chooks.
    Happy days.

  14. Hello Maria, good luck with your tidying of the cave....good for the soul the garden...Warm Regards, Lyn

  15. Good on you Maria....tidying up the cave. I love the name you have given the sewing room. Hugs, Anita.

  16. I've never seen tracks from ants like that. We have fire ants here and they make mounds but no tracks. They scurry around in all kinds of zig zags. We even learned that they can walk on water. When it rains and we have standing water those darn fire ants float on top of the water waiting for an unsuspecting person to walk through the puddle. Then they attack!

    I have set aside a day or two this week to clean up my sewing area. It's feeling cramped and uninspiring right now. Not a happy place to work in.

  17. Oh my you were a busy bee! Need to do my cave as well!

    Ants are some hard workers!

  18. Hi Maria, what a busy day, loved my first visit to your blog.
    Thanks for stopping by mine..hugs Lynny

  19. It's great you got to enjoy indoor and outdoor inspiration.
    Love that you have a 'cave'.

  20. Maria what a busy lady you have been


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