Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coffee, FNSI and Nice Mail.

 We have the most glorious day here today so when I went into town I met up with a friend and had coffee at my favourite place. It was so nice to sit there drink coffee and chat.

Last night for FNSI everything seemed to go wrong. I decided to finish some stitchery for a secret swap and I knocked the cottons everywhere.


Then I discovered I had cut my project to small. ( cannot show you, it’s a secret) so went to sharpen my pencil and I spilled the shavings .


Sew I decided to put that aside and start on something else. I am pleased to say it went well.

A gift for a little friend.  
      005 (2)
003 (2)   

Was happy with this finish and went on to make a block for my “ Star Quilt-A-Long

001 (2)

Yesterday I received two squishies in the mail.

Lovely blocks from Gai sent with a beautiful necklace. Thank you Gai.


and three gorgeous stitcheries I had sent for


I really would love to start one but I MUST finish some other UFO’s first.

Now I am going out to play in the sunshine.



  1. Oh dear Maria! You certainly had a bad time. At least you didn't spill anything like coffee or something over your sewing! It was all able to be picked up. What great fabric for the pencil holder. I'm sure your little friend will love it. Hugs, Christine

  2. I love the fabric on the pencil roll....nothing as good as a new box of crayons.

  3. looks like a gorgeous day!! don't you hate those days where everything spills - they seem to happen a bit in our house :)
    love the pencil roll - definitely on my to-do list

  4. oh noo i felt for you i have had things like that happen also,not funny.
    Glad you got 2 finishes,well done Maria and i hope you had a good play in the sun.

  5. Well your FNSI may have started out badly, but it ended well. Your crayon roll and star block turned out great.

    I do love seeing the pictures you take of your home area and of your travels. They give me a glimpse into a world away.

  6. Love the pencil fabric! For all your little glitches, you had a productive day/night Glad to hear you're having nice weather.

  7. Wow, Maria, it certainly is/was a lovely day...and I LOVE your coffee spot...that looks like such a lovely place to just sit, have coffee, and chat with a friend. That huge old tree is so beautiful!

    I have days - sometimes even weeks! - where everything goes wrong like that. At least you were able to salvage the evening and make something sweet for a little friend, who will love it! And those were some great squishies you got, too!

    Hope today is much better!



  8. Hi Maria!
    Sometimes FNSI is like that -- see also -- how many times Nancy unpicks something on FNSI. During our event, we had to keep hunting for the embroidery scissors. They were often swept under the table by a flying bit of fabric.
    I love the photos of your part of the world. That coffee place looks like a hoot!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Nancy xo

  9. a lovely day for you visiting with a friend and awesome mail. Sorry about your mishaps, hope today goes more smoothly!

  10. hahahahahaha we all have those days and when it's just not working ''put it down and do something else then come back to it''.... the pencil roll is wonderful great fabric choice xxx

  11. I'm glad something turned out well for you Maria and you received some goodies in the mail.

  12. O Maria!
    How Lovely everything looks in your corner of the world! I Love your coffee- nook- I totally adore your star block! It is so pretty that it just took my breath away. ONE of those AAAHH Ha moments.

    I love your picks of stitcheries ! Keep us informed how they progress.

    And of course I am Dieing to know What are those Big drum looking things???????????????????

  13. I hate it when everything goes wrong like that and would probably have packed it in. Good for you for persevering and look at the lovely item you finished! Love the blocks you received.

  14. what a lovely sunny day you have over there..don't you just hate it when things go wrong like that and keep going wrong... you have some lovely goodies there...

  15. Hello Maria,

    Love your pencil roll, so bright. Happy days and enjoy your new blocks and patterns.

  16. Love your pencil roll too!

    Hope you are going forward now and having fun with your new blocks and patterns!

    Carolyn :)

  17. We've all had days like that where everything goes wrong! That's when I leave the sewing room and go read or take a walk!

  18. Oh Mum,
    That sounds like when you need to use the overlocker and the threads break.....just walk away.
    You are such a positive thing, lets just move on and creat something else that is amazing!!!!
    Love you lots


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