Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Finishes.

I am pleased that I am getting my mojo back and have a few SMALL finishes to show you.
One of our swimming ladies is not well so a friend asked me if I could make her a Rug Mug,


and I had the this in my box of goodies to go with it. Hope it cheers her up.
Also made a reversible Mug Rug for the friend.

014      007

I have finished my swap and it is ready to go in the mail.
005 (3)

can only give you a sneak peek of what is inside.


It is so nice to have my favourite flowers out of the garden inside.

They smell sooooo lovely.


  1. I do like that swimming costume ladies fabric.... haha.... great mug rugs... they are fun to make... pretty stitching... I see a snail... hmmmm fun....ohhh... freesias... I love them too....

  2. Hi Maria! I just love your mug rugs...really kewl! Is that Loralei fabric? I've some of hers like that in my I know what to do with it! Thanks for sharing! Sandy

  3. Lucky you, I love Freesias more than anything. Nice to see you're stitching again.

  4. It certainly looks like your mojo has returned and you've been quite productive... I do like your mug rugs!

  5. Maria i love your mug rugs and the 1st one is so cute my friend made me an apron and used the bathing ladies for 2 frills on the bottom.
    I love the sneak view of the OASS such a cute snail

  6. Love the fabric with the swimming ladies- and the the perfume of freesias , so many of them today lack the wonderful perfume that we all expect from them- Looks like Spring has arrived for you

  7. The perfect fabric for your swimming friend... just gorgeous xxx

  8. so cute! I'll bet that mug rug will bring a smile to her face!

  9. Your mug rugs are wonderful! I'm sure it will make your friend feel better and bring a smile to her face.

  10. Love the mug rugs! A very dear friend sent me a piece of that fabric, and now I know what to do with it! Enjoy your spring days.

  11. I think the swimming mug rug alone will cheer her up! Both are just lovely.

  12. The mug rugs are just sweet and the swimming ladies will cheer up your friend for sure .

  13. Love your mug rugs! Praying for your friend.

  14. That mug rug is ADORABLE!!!!! Glad to see the mojo back again.

    Ahhh....the smell of the crocus, Isn't it wonderful?

  15. You have been busy Maria....I do like the girls in their swimmers...LOL...

  16. Congrats. BigTime on getting that Mojo working once again! That in itself is a major accomplishment!

    That mug rug is just as sweet as sweet can be!I love it. Then I saw the beautiful flowers and was thinking of the wonderful fragrances and when you said lovely fragrances i let my breath out and had a good laugh! At least we both enjoyed them!

    That surprise swap is so interesting! It is hard to wait and see! LOL

    I hope your friend gets well fast. I HaTE to be sick because it makes me feel like I am wasting time!: (

    O OOOOO _ when someone mentioned Spring your way I could really believe it because our "warmth is spreading your way and your cool is here at my house" You really could keep that stuff - I much prefer the warmth and the flowers! LOL

    I had to secretly laugh today in a store I over heard one lady tell the other that she HATED the warm and was ecstatic about the cool stuff.In my mind I was telling her -jee whiz - move to Alaska! LOL

  17. Your mugrugs are just too cute!! Love them!!

  18. Love your mugrugs, especially the first one with the bathing beauties. It's perfect!

  19. Oh Mum can you give me some of your Mojo. I did finish off the last of my 4sets of cobblestones yesterday & Annie is coming tomorrow to finish hers. Couldn't make myself leave the house on Wednesday so crafted at home. I like my Craftroom I missed it. The furry design assisent is loving me home to. Love DD2

  20. Lots to catch up on, on your blog! Your sewing room looks great and the garden does too.
    Your mug rug with the beach babes looks so cute , your hexie flowers are lovely. The bright ones look great.


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