Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The last 1800kms Part 1

On our drive from Broome to Newman there was lots of colour in both the flowers and Iron Ore Hills.

Arrived Newman Saturday after a bush camp the night before.

Loved the sculptures around town but DH preferred all the BIG machinery
So glad I do not have to change this tyre!!!

Did catch up with some washing but it was hard to find a spot on the line.

After lunch went for a drive to the town dam.
Lovely spot. Locals often go kayaking.

On our way again Monday morning.The weather was warm and sunny as we drove towards Meekatharra. Our last stop.

I enjoyed stitching my hexies as we went.
Do you even spear your finger??
OUCH!!        020
I cannot wear a thimble so after sewing sew many hexies I often pierce my finger.

Got to Meeka round 5, set up and had a shower before cooking dinner.

Love the d├ęcor
but the showers were clean and the water nice and hot.

Ate our dinner did dishes and early to bed.

Part 2 tomorrow or should I say later today. I am off to my OWN BIG bed as it is 1am.


  1. It must be wonderful to take such a long vacation. Here in America, it is rare to take off more than one week at a time. Your scenery is so beautiful, I would have taken zillions of photos. Thanks for sharing the entire trip!

  2. Welcome home!!!! I am sure that bed felt fabulous. You saw so many beautiful sights on your wonderful trip.

    Ouch....I can't wear a thinble either. If I put one on, I find I use the next finger over so I stab myself all of the time too.

  3. welcome home! Yup, stabbed myself doing hexis just yesterday. OUch!

  4. Glad you're home safe and sound. More lovely photos. I feel like we've been on the trip with you!

  5. What a lot of wonderful memories.... great pictures... are you going to print your blog for your trip?
    Finger piercing - ouch.... I am usually a thimble wearer.... but I am clumsy and still stab myself!

  6. always stabbing my finger,lovely pics Maria,enjoy your big bed and glad you are both home safe and sound.

  7. Welcome home. Great photos to remember your trip by and a book would be a good idea.
    I agree with Blue...there's nothing quite as sexy as a Haulpack. I'd put my shoes under one any day.

  8. Fabulous photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. That machinery sure is big- love all the colours in your photos. I can't get used to wearing a thimble so like you end up with the needle going into the end of my finger- I need to find a thimble to suit and persevere i suppose...

  10. All the sights look great. I love all the wild flowers. I feel the pain of that needle stab!

  11. Lovely flowers and wonderful vacations. The photos are great.
    Glad you arrived home safely.

  12. You've certainly seen and done lot's on your travels I have enjoyed seeing the different places, thanks for sharing... but there sure is no place like home!