Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots of Goodies and some fun sewing

Each time I went to my mail box this week there was a little white and red card. I always get excited because I know there will be something nice to collect.
First I received my lovely friends swap from Micki.All the way from Ireland.

Look at all the goodies I received.
Next was a giveaway I won from Scottish Nanna.
A cute bag with lots of gorgeous gifts for a little girl I know.

See the red tube?? It is a Kaleidoscope. I had fun looking in it.

Then today my parcel revealed my Candle Mat Swap all the way from Norway.
My partner also sent some cute fabric with matching ribbon.
Fun Sewing!!
Our Patch group has put out a challenge. We need to make a block out of rainbow colours.
We are required to take it along to our Christmas dinner. Then next year all the blocks will be put together into a quilt for the “Woman's Refuge” As I have made a few Bargello’s this year this come to mind.
007  and Taa Daa!!!

007 Isaac the Robot.

Now he is off on his bike.

Oh Tarniya  I found your block.
tucked safely away with my Mah-jong book.


  1. Maria - do you have layout on how you put your banner quilt together. I have it all planned but am not sure how to place the two opposing directions together.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Isn't it exciting when you get lots of goodies in the mail!

  3. The Mail man has been busy at your place this week I am glad you like the little bag of goodies.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. Great mail...... lots of fun things there..

  5. What fun goodies you have received this week!! I really love looking through kaliedoscopes. Very pretty picture!

    Tucked away with your Mah-jong book?? Do you play it? I love the game.

  6. I love your little rainbow block. And what a great cause. Enjoy all your new goodies.

  7. Mary, I love your goodies from my friend Micki and the little bag and candle mat are so sweet. You've been V. lucky this week to get so many delicious things.

  8. My goodness girl--you take the "cake" with all those goodies in the mail!!! I have to pay for my goodies--that I order!!!
    Hugs, Di

  9. Lucky You with all those lovely new goodies...Busy week for your Postie..

  10. Hello Maria,

    Glad you are keeping the postal workers extremely busy. Love this post including that robot!!!

    Happy sewing

  11. Wow a great week for camping by the letterbox :-) Love all your new bits and pieces - The kaleidoscope could be quite a fun tool to use in planning a quilt or block! Clever you with your rainbow block!!

  12. wow it sure was a good mail run this one...........


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