Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This and That!!

After returning from Perth this week there was
some lovely mail waiting for me to open.

Look at the range of great siggy's .     

Also one of my blogging friends, Polly, had sent me patterns from USA to make "Tuffets".

This is a whole new way of using up TINY scraps. The centre shoo fly block in the B/W tuffet has blocks 1" square. Even though they were time consuming to make I really enjoyed the end result.

Thank You Polly.
Remember this Photo???

Some time ago some of the ladies from The Patch were in a swap with the ladies from the
Narromine quilting group. We exchanged 3 FQ's ribbons buttons and notions. Oh we also sent along our favorite pkt of sweets and a small gift.

This what my partner Gai sent to me.  I think a little mouse ate some of the "Chicos" before I got a chance to take a photo .LOL
The brown fabric, laces and bells are Gai's and the beautiful blue FQ's were my pressie.

My swap has reached it's destination so now I am able to post Gai's finished piece.


  1. Cute siggies for sure. Now those Tuffets are adorable!
    What a lovely package from Gai!
    I have to say I am envious of her having that pretty stitchery quilt made by you!!
    looks like fun was had by all!

  2. What a cute stitchery you made. So creative with the little bits of lace, scissors, etc. Gai is very lucky to hang this at her house. I think the tuffets are so cute. I haven't made any yet, but want to.

  3. Lovely siggies and your little tuffets are adorable. Are they addicting?

    Your swap with Gai sounds like it was fabulous. What fun!

  4. Great mail Maria, better than coming home to bills..
    Love the tuffets..and beautiful stitchery.
    Julia ♥

  5. Hi Maria!
    Your work is certainly inspiring! I love the little wall hanging- it is supercalafragalistic -X-P - owl a docious! LOL
    Also love the little purse with the flowers = love the colors.
    I almost fell over because you noticed my shirt I was wereing! That was REALLY cool! You really have quiet an EYE for detail! Thank you so very much!

  6. my what pretty "siggy" blocks you got in the mail---and I love the little sampler you did for the swap--and did you really make those tuffets---they are soooo cute--way to go girl!!!
    Hugs, Di

  7. Maria, you've been a busy girl again. Love the stitchery and the tuffets are very cool.

  8. Love what you made for will look fantastic in Gai's sewing room...

  9. Terrific work Mary, I bet Gai is thrilled with that little wall hanging

  10. Those tuffets are so lovely and I bet Gai is delighted with her wall hanging.

  11. Maria, they are so cute!! Good job, you!! Polly :-)

  12. I cant believe you have already made tuffets....I got the pattern at christmas aND Still havent made any.......
    I love your little sweet.

  13. Your work is sterrific and I love the siggies!

  14. Hi Maria
    I think I might be ending the week successfully because I finally made it to my sewing room!
    I had a brief moment of being dazed, but I finally got it worked out.
    It has puzzled me in the past why I start off with good luck and then it is like I get "stuck". Having the blog has helped me understand that a little better.
    IF I have several projects cut out - I am in a better plan as to how to accomplish what I hope to be my goal. But when I finish what I have cut out - it kind of stuns me as I attempt to "balance" myself so I can start a new project? Kinda nutty - but I have always been a little nutty alway. :)
    I would be curious to see if you feel that way when you finish a project - until you figure out what will be your new project? Or, do you keep a couple of different ones ongoing ?
    Thank you for coming for a visit! I love it.

  15. Well I am up and working and think all is ok on my blog now! thanks for the hints cheers

  16. Hi Maria !

    I was wondering IF you have any tulips too?

  17. Hi Maria
    I think all the rain that stayed away from your celebrations -decided to come our way!We had water running down on both sides of our house this afternoon.

    I told DH that I owed that to my grandparents because when we moved here I asked the builders to put it as close to the spot where my grandparents house had burnt down - so I feel like they are still - kinda protecting me.

    Hope you are well.


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