Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Lovely Morning!!

Spent a delightful morning at my friend Jo's doing some leadlighting
and having a lovely chat.
It has been far too hot to play with glass and as it is a little cooler have enjoyed getting back into it. I was very pleased to have finally completed my three Kookaburras.
Only have a little to go and will be finished.

On the way home I felt a little sad as it would be the last time for me
to do leadlighting at Jo's. Jo and her DH have sold up, bought a van and are going to join the many others travelling the roads around Australia.I am sure they will have lots of fun and have many adventures to share.


  1. What a great way to spend your morning. I have always been interested in stained glass but never seem to make the time. Your is looking really pretty.

    My feelings are with you regarding Jo. :o(

  2. They are lovely the birds.
    About my owl fabric i bought it at in America
    greetings Dorine

  3. Big T and I did stained glass together about 15 years ago. He is a perfectionist and is better at it than I am. We still have all the supplies somewhere packed.

  4. Lovely project your friend made! I am sorry to hear she will be traveling, but I am sure they will come back and visit some times!

  5. It is a lovely piece of work. I am so sorry to read that you and Jo won't be able to share those fun times while she is away. I am sure she will have fun, but will be missed.

  6. Love your kookaburras
    Have always wanted to have a try at leadlighting
    Maybe one day

  7. This is looking good. Do you have a special place to put it when it is finished? I love the colours around the edges.

  8. What a lovely project! Sorry you are losing a crafting bud. Hope Jo will come back round to visit once in a while.

  9. Really like your leadlighting. Sorry to hear of your sadness. Wishing you Love,Hug's, and Smile's. Little Sister--Barbara.

  10. Your kookaburras are wonderful Maria.

  11. I love the kookaburras! of course I have the song in my head now....kookaburra sits in the old gum tree........yadayadayada

  12. O My - how truely lovely your glass work is ! That has been one of my life-time dreams! Wonderful job .


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