Friday, April 2, 2010

First Finish for April!!

My friend Jean went to NZ for her grandson's wedding and the birth of her first great grand child. A little Girl. While away it was her birthday so I decided to make a quilt for her. I had a whole month so it would be easy. LOL.

 In one of my boxes I have heaps of cobblestone blocks I collected in a swap last year. So sorted some lovely ones I thought would suit. Laid them out on the spare bed and left them there.

A week before Jean was due to come home I finally put the blocks together. Over the last few days I finally quilted it. Just cross hatched as it is quick

Jean come home last weekend . I am going to visit her over Easter and will give her the quilt.

I am very happy with it. What do you think. 


  1. Really lovely Maria... I'm sure Jean will be delighted with it!

  2. I'm not surprised that you are happy with it. A beautiful gift for your friend.

  3. Love the colours of this quilt! And wow already a finished project on the first day of the month ;)! Its a crazy busy time here and I just got around to sew some fabric bunnies. I hope this will change soon ( Always hoping .....)Happy Easter to you and your family

  4. I love it!!!Jean will too!!
    Nothing like waiting till last minute is it!! hahaha!
    This type block would make a great stash buster too. Hummmm...;-)

  5. Wow!! What a wonderful birthday present! She will absolutely love it and if she doesn't you can send it to me. ;)

  6. Wow-such inspiration! A finished project on the 2nd of the month. Great job!

  7. Hi Maria...I think your Quilt is Great!! I really like the "Chook" wallhanging...but the little Gecko is the best. Little Sister, Barbara

  8. Wow Maria, great's just beautiful!
    Julia ♥

  9. She'll love it. It's full of love.

  10. i love that quilt!! it turned out fantastic!

  11. You are such a good friend to do this quilt for her. I am sure it will be her best Birthday present. I love the colours you have used.
    Happy days.

  12. Wow Jean's quilt looks great and I even recognised one or two cobblestones that I made!
    Well done for a fabulous finish.

  13. I love it and Jean is going to be thrilled...what a sweetheart you are!!!!

  14. The quilt is just stunning!

  15. I love the quilt, the colors are great!

  16. Oh Maria it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I absolutely love this quilt.
    Well done.
    Ab x


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