Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lucky Me!!

This is a good time of year to collect the mail because I got a litttle card in the post box again today.

Two more parcels!! Lots of cards and the usual junk mail.

   Received a BIG parcel from my friend Nicky. I was very spoilt as she has made me a lovely wall hanging, some homemade jam, serviettes and a little Xmas box tied with a bow which I have put under the tree.

The second LITTLE parcel was also very special as it was my "INCHIE" swap from the Netherlands. I love it and have hang it in my tree. The card Francoise send along with it has a gorgeous Quilt on the front.


  1. Great gifts in the post. I love the little inchie.

  2. Some wonderful gifts you have received Maria. Happy days.

  3. WOW what a beautiful quilt your friend made for you!
    Love your decorations!

    Have a happy holidays!


  4. Well who is a lucky girl then!!! You must have been a good girl this year. Only 3 sleeps until we decend on you. Bring on holidays and the beach. Love DD2

  5. oh lucky you! I didn't do the inchie swap & now I am wishing I had! Enjoy

  6. That's great!! All of them. You'll receive my card late since I didn't send it til last week... so keep going to the mailbox.


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