Friday, December 11, 2009

I have started!!

Today I finally went into the hall cupborad and got the Xmas boxes off the top shelf.  Here are some of the tiny ones in a row.                    
                                                        Tiny wall hangs.

Annabel and Frosty sitting up high, my ornament swap hanging on the door.

The little Nativity which I painted many years ago.

Tomorrow I will put up my little tree and hang some tinsel from the ceiling.
Put the fairy lights up around the patio.
Then wait for all the family to arrive. I am sure the littlies will love it and will be anxiously waiting for Santa to comeTo "Oma's and Pops" house.


  1. Oh my it is looking like Christmas is happening at Oma's and Pop's for sure!!
    Love your hangings too. I started some but did not get them done..sad sad me...;-(
    Hey I am thinking we need to do you one up with Santa Baby in shorts, flower shirt and flip flops...after all you all are rather warm now...haha!!!!
    Happy Christmas Hugs,
    Lola in cold Virginia

  2. It is a special gift to have an Oma's and Pop's house to go to. Some people never have that privilege - so I think you guys are a special gift to your family.May the love that you share grow and expand to color your side of Christmas. ~smile!

  3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas --- all around the house!! The kids will love seeing all the precious goodies out.


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